Gucke Likeness

Gucke Likeness

Likeness (2013)


Der Regisseur: Rodrigo Prieto


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Likeness Review

Edvard Mikaelsen Greenland

Its a great movie. I'll watch it every time I see its on.

Tommy Aslam Norway

It was the exact opposite for me. I loved the first one and was very meh.. about the second.

Emmi Axelsson Sweden

I would only recommend seeing this movie if a person has nothing else to do that day.

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Elle Fanning - Likeness Elle Fanning
as Mia
Ximena Prieto - Likeness Ximena Prieto
as Mia's Friend
Chelsea Schuchman - Likeness Chelsea Schuchman
as Hysterically Laughing Girl
Monroe Alvarez - Likeness Monroe Alvarez
as Girl with the Glam Hat
Walker Bunting - Likeness Walker Bunting
as Boy with the Porcelain Face
Alli Cripe - Likeness Alli Cripe
as Hungry Girl
Alejandra Guilmant - Likeness Alejandra Guilmant
as Catwalk Girl
Marley Hunter - Likeness Marley Hunter
as Blotched Make-up Girl
James Hurst - Likeness James Hurst
as Bleached Threesome Guy
Margarita Kallas - Likeness Margarita Kallas
as Girl with the Raven Hair
Eugenia Kuzmina - Likeness Eugenia Kuzmina
as Asylum Beauty
Natasha Lannin - Likeness Natasha Lannin
as Girl with the Long Legs
Dani Lundquist - Likeness Dani Lundquist
as Girl in Plastic
Jais Malcolm - Likeness Jais Malcolm
as Midsummer Night's Dream Guy
Yolande Mancini - Likeness Yolande Mancini
as Girl with the Special Shoes
Cecily Manson - Likeness Cecily Manson
as Striking Woman
Corbin McCarthy - Likeness Corbin McCarthy
as Shirtless Guy
Anne-Marie Mueschke - Likeness Anne-Marie Mueschke
as Gaunt Girl
Sasha Neboga - Likeness Sasha Neboga
as Blonde Girl
Katrina Nova - Likeness Katrina Nova
as Bleached Threesome Girl
Stephane Olivier - Likeness Stephane Olivier
as Tattooed Guy
Amanda Smith - Likeness Amanda Smith
as Aloof Girl
Jessica Nicole Today - Likeness Jessica Nicole Today
as Girl in the Box
Peter Ursich - Likeness Peter Ursich
as Guy with the Funky Ascot
Rica Wade - Likeness Rica Wade
as Girl with the Big Hair
Cosmo Wolski - Likeness Cosmo Wolski
as Preppy Guy
Stefanie Wood - Likeness Stefanie Wood
as Glamorous Woman
Ilia Yordanov - Likeness Ilia Yordanov
as Pieta Guy
Valeska Mosich-Miller - Likeness Valeska Mosich-Miller
as Hugging Girl
Lauren Marie Young - Likeness Lauren Marie Young
as Hugging Girl
Dulcinea - Likeness Dulcinea
as Model Girl
Alexis Han-Holdren - Likeness Alexis Han-Holdren
as Model Girl
Christina Yr. Jun - Likeness Christina Yr. Jun
as Model Girl
Jennifer Lee - Likeness Jennifer Lee
as Model Girl
Grace Lotker - Likeness Grace Lotker
as Model Girl
Bj Bingham - Likeness Bj Bingham
as Model Guy
Torell Madsen - Likeness Torell Madsen
as Model Guy
Andrew Callahan - Likeness Andrew Callahan
as Model Guy
Tyler Ham Pong - Likeness Tyler Ham Pong
as Model Guy
Dylan Griner - Likeness Dylan Griner
as Party Guy
Tetsuo Ohmiya - Likeness Tetsuo Ohmiya
as Party Guy
Alex Jay - Likeness Alex Jay
as Party Girl
Marina Zappia - Likeness Marina Zappia
as Party Girl
Grant Berman - Likeness Grant Berman
as Teen Partygoer
Sasha Bottitta - Likeness Sasha Bottitta
as Teen Partygoer
Clayton Brown - Likeness Clayton Brown
as Teen Partygoer
Jordan Diambrini - Likeness Jordan Diambrini
as Teen Partygoer
Alexis Ellis - Likeness Alexis Ellis
as Teen Partygoer
Dallas Hart - Likeness Dallas Hart
as Teen Partygoer
Martha A. Jakubowski - Likeness Martha A. Jakubowski
as Teen Partygoer
Julia Kern - Likeness Julia Kern
as Teen Partygoer
Lily Linke - Likeness Lily Linke
as Teen Partygoer
Dani McArthur - Likeness Dani McArthur
as Teen Partygoer
Shay Myerson - Likeness Shay Myerson
as Teen Partygoer
Sophia Odegaard - Likeness Sophia Odegaard
as Teen Partygoer
Cole Justice Parker - Likeness Cole Justice Parker
as Teen Partygoer
Alex J. Ramirez - Likeness Alex J. Ramirez
as Teen Partygoer
Veronica Rodriguez - Likeness Veronica Rodriguez
as Teen Partygoer
Jackson Schierbeek - Likeness Jackson Schierbeek
as Teen Partygoer
Cuba Scott - Likeness Cuba Scott
as Teen Partygoer
Arielle Sitrick - Likeness Arielle Sitrick
as Teen Partygoer
Natalie Soliel - Likeness Natalie Soliel
as Teen Partygoer
Savannah Stark - Likeness Savannah Stark
as Teen Partygoer
Yana Sternberger-Moyé - Likeness Yana Sternberger-Moyé
as Teen Partygoer
Chiara Thielmann - Likeness Chiara Thielmann
as Teen Partygoer
Avery Kristina Tinsley - Likeness Avery Kristina Tinsley
as Teen Partygoer
Luke Trester - Likeness Luke Trester
as Teen Partygoer


Directing Rodrigo Prieto Director
Writing Rodrigo Prieto Writer
Crew Rodrigo Prieto Cinematography
Editing Carlos Arias Editor