Gucke The Irishman

Gucke The Irishman

The Irishman (2019)


Der Regisseur: Martin Scorsese
Der Autor: Steven Zaillian


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The Irishman Review

Tricia D. Layman Canada

I can't recall how many times I've seen this movie, but I am never bored by watching them one more time.

Edvard Mikaelsen Greenland

Its a great movie. I'll watch it every time I see its on.

Madelen Dale Norway

There's just too many good movies in there to be able to re watch them all.

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Robert De Niro - The Irishman Robert De Niro
as Frank 'The Irishman' Sheeran
Al Pacino - The Irishman Al Pacino
as Jimmy Hoffa
Harvey Keitel - The Irishman Harvey Keitel
as Angelo Bruno
Joe Pesci - The Irishman Joe Pesci
as Russell Bufalino
Bobby Cannavale - The Irishman Bobby Cannavale
as Joe Gallo
Ray Romano - The Irishman Ray Romano
as Bill Bufalino
Stephen Graham - The Irishman Stephen Graham
as Anthony Provenzano
Kathrine Narducci - The Irishman Kathrine Narducci
as Carrie Bufalino
J.C. MacKenzie - The Irishman J.C. MacKenzie
Craig Vincent - The Irishman Craig Vincent
as Edward Grady Partin
Anna Paquin - The Irishman Anna Paquin
as Peggy Sheeran
Gary Basaraba - The Irishman Gary Basaraba
as Frank 'Fitz' Fitzsimmons
Jesse Plemons - The Irishman Jesse Plemons
as Chuckie O'Brien
Jack Huston - The Irishman Jack Huston
Domenick Lombardozzi - The Irishman Domenick Lombardozzi
as Anthony Salerno
India Ennenga - The Irishman India Ennenga
as Dolores Sheeran
Joseph Russo - The Irishman Joseph Russo
as Stephen Andretta
Aly Mang - The Irishman Aly Mang
as The Coat Check Girl
John Cenatiempo - The Irishman John Cenatiempo
as Anthony Castellito
Larry Romano - The Irishman Larry Romano
as Phil Testa
Sebastian Maniscalco - The Irishman Sebastian Maniscalco
Rebecca Faulkenberry - The Irishman Rebecca Faulkenberry
as Barbara Hoffa
Stephanie Kurtzuba - The Irishman Stephanie Kurtzuba
as Irene Sheeran
Robert Funaro - The Irishman Robert Funaro
Veronica Alicino - The Irishman Veronica Alicino
as Curtain Shop Clerk
Jeremy Luke - The Irishman Jeremy Luke
as Thomas Andretta
Natasha Romanova - The Irishman Natasha Romanova
as Copa Dinner Guest
Doris McCarthy - The Irishman Doris McCarthy
as Latin Casino Guest
Louis Cancelmi - The Irishman Louis Cancelmi
as Sally Bugs
George Katt - The Irishman George Katt
as Copa / Umberto's Man
John Scurti - The Irishman John Scurti
as Beveridge
Liz Celeste - The Irishman Liz Celeste
as Mob Girlfriend
Welker White - The Irishman Welker White
as Josephine Hoffa
Kevin O'Rourke - The Irishman Kevin O'Rourke
as John McCullough
Bo Dietl - The Irishman Bo Dietl
as Joe Glimco
Ashley North - The Irishman Ashley North
as Mob Wife
Claudette Lalí - The Irishman Claudette Lalí
as Mob's Wife
Kevin Kane - The Irishman Kevin Kane
as Actor
Alex Ziwak - The Irishman Alex Ziwak
as Prison Inmate
Kenneth Carrella - The Irishman Kenneth Carrella
as Hoffa's Bodyguard
Jennifer Mudge - The Irishman Jennifer Mudge
as Maryanne Sheeran
Jessica VanOss - The Irishman Jessica VanOss
as Bowling Kid
Paul Borghese - The Irishman Paul Borghese
as Paulie 'Brows'
Frank Modica - The Irishman Frank Modica
as Mobster
Kelly P. Williams - The Irishman Kelly P. Williams
as Bridesmaid
Mike Massimino - The Irishman Mike Massimino
as Curtain Staff #2
Josephine Velez - The Irishman Josephine Velez
as Genovese's Crew
James Lorinz - The Irishman James Lorinz
as Hoffa Teamster
Erika Smith - The Irishman Erika Smith
as Kandie
Salvatore DiSanto - The Irishman Salvatore DiSanto
as Italian Bus Boy
Saskia Slaaf - The Irishman Saskia Slaaf
as Latin Casino Guest
Jim Coniglione - The Irishman Jim Coniglione
as Teamster
Mark Falvo - The Irishman Mark Falvo
as Italian Rally Supporter
Brent Costantino - The Irishman Brent Costantino
as Bufalino Wedding Guest
Danny A. Abeckaser - The Irishman Danny A. Abeckaser
Scotty Atkins - The Irishman Scotty Atkins
as Irish mobster
Arthur Hiou - The Irishman Arthur Hiou
as Umberto's Patron
Tom Rhoads - The Irishman Tom Rhoads
as Juror
Lauren Aparicio - The Irishman Lauren Aparicio
as Ice Cream Patron
Robert C. Kirk - The Irishman Robert C. Kirk
as Teamster
Jessica Carollo - The Irishman Jessica Carollo
as Pete the Greek's Girlfriend
Gino Cafarelli - The Irishman Gino Cafarelli
as Mayor Frank Rizzo
David Wenzel - The Irishman David Wenzel
as FBI Agent
Patrick Gallo - The Irishman Patrick Gallo
as Tony Giacalone
Kent Sladyk - The Irishman Kent Sladyk
as Genovese's Crew
Jarrod LaBine - The Irishman Jarrod LaBine
as FBI Agent
Clark Carmichael - The Irishman Clark Carmichael
as Pilot
Siena Marino - The Irishman Siena Marino
as Joey's Daughter Lisa
Ron Castellano - The Irishman Ron Castellano
as Mobster
Joseph Oliveira - The Irishman Joseph Oliveira
as Italian Mobster
Vincent Riviezzo - The Irishman Vincent Riviezzo
as Tony Pro Mobster
Anne Horak - The Irishman Anne Horak
as Golddigger
Thomas Bencivenga - The Irishman Thomas Bencivenga
as Casino Guest
Bill Timoney - The Irishman Bill Timoney
as RICO Prosecutor
Frances Mignano - The Irishman Frances Mignano
as Umberto's Patron
Frank Amoruso - The Irishman Frank Amoruso
as SAG pedestrian at Palma Club
Kerry McGann - The Irishman Kerry McGann
as Tennessee Court Secretary
Samuel Difiore - The Irishman Samuel Difiore
as Mobster
Thomas E. Sullivan - The Irishman Thomas E. Sullivan
as Warren Swanson
James Ciccone - The Irishman James Ciccone
as Mobster
Rob Tunstall - The Irishman Rob Tunstall
as Teamster Agitator
Melody Krell - The Irishman Melody Krell
as Mary Fitzsimmons
Anthony Welch - The Irishman Anthony Welch
as Lewisburg Prison Guard
Dominick LaRuffa Jr. - The Irishman Dominick LaRuffa Jr.
as Colombo Son
Scott Eliasoph - The Irishman Scott Eliasoph
as Government Attorney
Erick Zamora - The Irishman Erick Zamora
as Colombo Son
Cliff Moylan - The Irishman Cliff Moylan
as Pro Rally Teamster #2
Matteo Borgomanero - The Irishman Matteo Borgomanero
as Copa Nightclub Patron / Latin Casino Guest / Wedding Guest
Richard V. Licata - The Irishman Richard V. Licata
as Judge
Franco Quartuccio - The Irishman Franco Quartuccio
as Mobster
Al Linea - The Irishman Al Linea
as Momo Giancana
Patrick Borriello - The Irishman Patrick Borriello
as Wise guy
Gregory Cioffi - The Irishman Gregory Cioffi
as Villa Roma Mobster
John Antorino - The Irishman John Antorino
as Inmate Mobster
Jamie Mattus - The Irishman Jamie Mattus
as Union Delegate
Cilda Shaur - The Irishman Cilda Shaur
as Colombo's Wife
Gage Maynard - The Irishman Gage Maynard
as Nightclub Patron
Emilie Cantante - The Irishman Emilie Cantante
as Wedding Guest Child
Gina Lerario - The Irishman Gina Lerario
as Italian Rally Supporter
Steve Garfanti - The Irishman Steve Garfanti
as Giancana Associate
Kevin D. McGee - The Irishman Kevin D. McGee
as Hoffa Attorney
John Polce - The Irishman John Polce
as Joe Colombo
Jason Liebman - The Irishman Jason Liebman
as Poll Volunteer
Thomas D. Weaver - The Irishman Thomas D. Weaver
as Tony Pro's Teamster
Michael Romeo Ruocco - The Irishman Michael Romeo Ruocco
as Casino Photographer
Matthew F. O’Connor - The Irishman Matthew F. O’Connor
as Pro Rally Teamster #1
Rebecca Merle - The Irishman Rebecca Merle
as Latin Casino / Copa Guest / Dancer
John Cashin - The Irishman John Cashin
as Springfield Inmate
Tommy Bayiokos - The Irishman Tommy Bayiokos
as Truck Driver


Directing Martin Scorsese Director
Writing Charles Brandt Book
Writing Steven Zaillian Screenplay
Camera Rodrigo Prieto Director of Photography
Editing Thelma Schoonmaker Editor
Art Dante Ferretti Production Design
Art Francesca Lo Schiavo Set Decoration