Gucke Jedi Junkies

Gucke Jedi Junkies

Jedi Junkies (2010)


Der Regisseur: Mark Edlitz


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Jedi Junkies Review

Edvard Mikaelsen Greenland

Its a great movie. I'll watch it every time I see its on.

Torsten Schmitt Germany

I love this movie and I am just now watching them again.

Tricia D. Layman Canada

I can't recall how many times I've seen this movie, but I am never bored by watching them one more time.

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Ray Park - Jedi Junkies Ray Park
as Himself
Peter Mayhew - Jedi Junkies Peter Mayhew
as Himself
Jeremy Bulloch - Jedi Junkies Jeremy Bulloch
as Himself
Olivia Munn - Jedi Junkies Olivia Munn
as Herself
Jeremy Bulloch - Jedi Junkies Jeremy Bulloch
as Herself
Linda Papadopoulos - Jedi Junkies Linda Papadopoulos
as Kitty Brown


Directing Mark Edlitz Director