Gucke Pluto der Zeitungsjunge

Gucke Pluto der Zeitungsjunge

Pluto der Zeitungsjunge (1941)


Der Regisseur: Clyde Geronimi


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Pluto der Zeitungsjunge Review

Michael E. Smith United Kingdom

I once watched those movies three times in one day and I would totally do that again.

Nicholas Lacharité France

I absolutely love this movie. If you haven't seen it I would definitely recommend this movie.

Affiano Arcuri Spain

The first time I watched it, I thought it was just kinda weird only because I didn't expect any of it. But after rewatching it, the movie was awesome!

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Walt Disney - Pluto der Zeitungsjunge Walt Disney
as Mickey Mouse
Lee Millar - Pluto der Zeitungsjunge Lee Millar
as Pluto


Visual Effects Andy Engman Animation
Directing Clyde Geronimi Director
Production Walt Disney Producer
Directing Don A. Duckwall Assistant Director
Visual Effects Kenneth Muse Animation
Visual Effects Reuben Timmins Animation
Visual Effects Edwin Aardal Animation
Visual Effects John Noel Tucker Animation
Visual Effects Ed Parks Animation
Visual Effects Volus Jones Animation
Visual Effects Art Fitzpatrick Animation
Visual Effects Basil Davidovich Animation
Visual Effects Norman Tate Animation
Visual Effects Frank Onaitis Animation
Visual Effects Nick DeTolly Animation
Visual Effects Paul B. Kossoff Animation
Visual Effects Jack Huber Animation
Visual Effects Russ Dyson Animation
Visual Effects Eric Gurney Animation
Visual Effects George Nicholas Animation
Visual Effects Cornett Wood Animation
Visual Effects Chic Otterstrom Animation
Visual Effects Emery Hawkins Animation
Visual Effects Ernie Lynch Animation
Directing Bruce Bushman Layout