Dale Dickey




Knoxville, Tennessee, USA:


Into the Dark: Pooka! (2018)
Bloodline (2018)
as Marie
Poor Boy (2018)
as Deb Chilson
Leave No Trace (2018)
as Dale
Dead Women Walking (2018)
Small Town Crime (2018)
as Leslie
Inheritance (2017)
as Effy Monroe
Message from the King (2017)
as Mrs. Lazlo
A Very Sordid Wedding (2017)
as Aunt Sissy Hickey
Hell or High Water (2016)
as Elsie
Blood Father (2016)
as Cherise
Regression (2015)
as Rose Gray
Waffle Street (2015)
as Crazy Kathy
What Lola Wants (2015)
as Mama
The Possession of Michael King (2014)
as Beverly
White Bird in a Blizzard (2014)
as Mrs. Hillman
The Big Ask (2014)
as Lori
Dinner With Friends with Brett Gelman and Friends (2014)
as Dale
The Trials of Cate McCall (2013)
as Mrs. Stubbs
Southern Baptist Sissies (2013)
as Odette
Lost on Purpose (2013)
as Retta Lee
C.O.G. (2013)
as Debbie
Evidence (2013)
as Katrina Fleishman
9 Full Moons (2013)
as Billie
Iron Man 3 (2013)
as Mrs. Davis
The Guilt Trip (2012)
as Tammy
Blues for Willadean (2012)
as Rayleen Hobbs
The Man Who Shook the Hand of Vicente Fernandez (2012)
as Denise
The Yellow Wallpaper (2011)
as Jennie Gilman
Pirates of the Caribbean: Tales of the Code: Wedlocked (2011)
as Oona, The Wench
Super 8 (2011)
as Edie
Winter's Bone (2010)
as Merab
All Signs of Death (2010)
as Thea
A Perfect Getaway (2009)
as Earth Momma
Princess Protection Program (2009)
as Helen
Trailer Park of Terror (2008)
as Daryl
Take (2008)
as Truck Woman
Changeling (2008)
as Patient
Dark Canvas (2008)
as Wilma
Domino (2005)
as Edna Fender
Our Very Own (2005)
as Skillet
The Pledge (2001)
as Strom
The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love (1995)
as Regina
A perfect gateway ()