Sheryl Lee




Augsburg, Germany:


#SquadGoals (2018)
as Emily Hodges
I Had Bad Milk in Dehradun (2017)
as Herself
Behind the Red Curtain (2017)
as Herself
The Man with the Gray Elevated Hair (2017)
as Herself
Dead Ink Archive (2017)
as Alley
Café Society (2016)
as Karen Stern
The Makings of You (2014)
as Judy
Jackie & Ryan (2014)
as Miriam
White Bird in a Blizzard (2014)
as May
Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces (2014)
as Laura Palmer
Moving Through Time: Fire Walk With Me Memories (2014)
as Herself
Texas Killing Fields (2011)
as Lucie Sliger
Winter's Bone (2010)
as April
Working with a Master: John Carpenter (2006)
as Herself
The Secrets of Comfort House (2006)
as Wendy Brown
Paradise Texas (2005)
as Betsy Kinney
Children on Their Birthdays (2002)
as Elinore Murphy
Hitched (2001)
Angel's Dance (1999)
as Angelica Chaste
Dante's View (1998)
as Samantha Kingsley
Kiss the Sky (1998)
as Andy
The Blood Oranges (1998)
as Fiona
Vampires (1998)
as Katrina
This World, Then the Fireworks (1997)
as Lois Archer
Bliss (1997)
as Maria
David (1997)
as Batseba
Mother Night (1996)
as Helga Noth / Resi Noth
Notes from Underground (1995)
as Liza
Fall Time (1995)
as Patty / Carol
Homage (1995)
as Lucy Samuel
Don't Do It (1995)
as Michelle
Follow The River (1995)
as Mary Ingles
Guinevere (1994)
as Guinevere
Red Shoe Diaries 4: Auto Erotica (1994)
as Kate Lyons
Backbeat (1994)
as Astrid Kirchherr
Jersey Girl (1992)
as Tara
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992)
as Laura Palmer
Wild at Heart (1990)
as The Good Witch
Twin Peaks (1989)
as Laura Palmer