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Bride Wars (2009)


Two best friends become rivals when their respective weddings are accidentally booked for the same day.

Director: Gary Winick
Writers: Greg DePaul, Casey Wilson, June Diane Raphael.


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Bride Wars Review

Petronilla Conti Italy

I don't know if this is some memory problem I have or if the movies are really that good.

Tommy Aslam Norway

It was the exact opposite for me. I loved the first one and was very meh.. about the second.

Nicholas Lacharité France

I absolutely love this movie. If you haven't seen it I would definitely recommend this movie.

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Anne Hathaway - Bride Wars Anne Hathaway
as Emma
Kate Hudson - Bride Wars Kate Hudson
as Liv
Bryan Greenberg - Bride Wars Bryan Greenberg
as Nate
Chris Pratt - Bride Wars Chris Pratt
as Fletcher
Steve Howey - Bride Wars Steve Howey
as Daniel
Candice Bergen - Bride Wars Candice Bergen
as Marion St. Claire
Kristen Johnston - Bride Wars Kristen Johnston
as Deb
Michael Arden - Bride Wars Michael Arden
as Kevin
Victor Slezak - Bride Wars Victor Slezak
as Colson
Kelly Coffield Park - Bride Wars Kelly Coffield Park
as Kathy
John Pankow - Bride Wars John Pankow
as John
Zoe O'Grady - Bride Wars Zoe O'Grady
as Young Liv
Shannon Ferber - Bride Wars Shannon Ferber
as Young Emma
June Diane Raphael - Bride Wars June Diane Raphael
as Amanda
Casey Wilson - Bride Wars Casey Wilson
as Stacy
Paul Scheer - Bride Wars Paul Scheer
as Ricky Coo
Robert Scott Wilson - Bride Wars Robert Scott Wilson
as Rob
Pamela Figueiredo - Bride Wars Pamela Figueiredo
as Pamela
Emily Sarah Stikeman - Bride Wars Emily Sarah Stikeman
as Student #1
Robert Capron - Bride Wars Robert Capron
as Student #2
Kallie Tabor - Bride Wars Kallie Tabor
as Student #3
Jason Kolotouros - Bride Wars Jason Kolotouros
as Delivery Guy
Nicole Stuart - Bride Wars Nicole Stuart
as Receptionist
Anna Madigan - Bride Wars Anna Madigan
as Tanorexic
Michael Anastasia - Bride Wars Michael Anastasia
as Geeky Neighbor
Charles Bernard - Bride Wars Charles Bernard
as Wedding DJ
André Holland - Bride Wars André Holland
as DJ Jazzles
John Franchi - Bride Wars John Franchi
as New York Cabbie (uncredited)
Kathryn Cressida - Bride Wars Kathryn Cressida
as Additional Voices (voice)
Jennifer Crystal Foley - Bride Wars Jennifer Crystal Foley
as Additional Voices (voice)
Michelle Ruff - Bride Wars Michelle Ruff
as Additional Voices (voice)
Elisa Gabrielli - Bride Wars Elisa Gabrielli
as Additional Voices (voice)
Justin Shenkarow - Bride Wars Justin Shenkarow
as Additional Voices (voice)
Karen Strassman - Bride Wars Karen Strassman
as Additional Voices (voice)
Laura Summer - Bride Wars Laura Summer
as Additional Voices (voice)
Bridget Hoffman - Bride Wars Bridget Hoffman
as Additional Voices (voice)
Karen Huie - Bride Wars Karen Huie
as Additional Voices (voice)
Matthew Labyorteaux - Bride Wars Matthew Labyorteaux
as Additional Voices (voice)
William Brent - Bride Wars William Brent
as (voice, as Billy Unger)


Directing Gary Winick Director
Writing Greg DePaul Screenplay
Writing Casey Wilson Screenplay
Writing June Diane Raphael Screenplay