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Assassin's Creed (2016)

ActionAdventureFantasyScience Fiction

Through unlocked genetic memories that allow him to relive the adventures of his ancestor in 15th century Spain, Callum Lynch discovers he's a descendant of the secret 'Assassins' society. After gaining incredible knowledge and skills, he is now poised to take on the oppressive Knights Templar in the present day.

Director: Justin Kurzel
Writers: Michael Lesslie, Adam Cooper, Bill Collage.


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Assassin's Creed Review

Michael E. Smith United Kingdom

I once watched those movies three times in one day and I would totally do that again.

Petronilla Conti Italy

I don't know if this is some memory problem I have or if the movies are really that good.

Facondo Pugliesi Italy

This movie is so good!

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Michael Fassbender - Assassin's Creed Michael Fassbender
as Callum Lynch / Aguilar de Nerha
Marion Cotillard - Assassin's Creed Marion Cotillard
as Dr. Sophia Rikkin
Jeremy Irons - Assassin's Creed Jeremy Irons
as Alan Rikkin
Brendan Gleeson - Assassin's Creed Brendan Gleeson
as Joseph Lynch
Charlotte Rampling - Assassin's Creed Charlotte Rampling
as Ellen Kaye
Michael Kenneth Williams - Assassin's Creed Michael Kenneth Williams
as Moussa
Ariane Labed - Assassin's Creed Ariane Labed
as Maria
James Sobol Kelly - Assassin's Creed James Sobol Kelly
as Father Raymond
Denis Ménochet - Assassin's Creed Denis Ménochet
as Abstergo Güvenlik Müdürü
Callum Turner - Assassin's Creed Callum Turner
as Nathan
Khalid Abdalla - Assassin's Creed Khalid Abdalla
as Sultan Muhammad XII
Essie Davis - Assassin's Creed Essie Davis
as Mary Lynch
Carlos Bardem - Assassin's Creed Carlos Bardem
as Benedicto
Javier Gutiérrez - Assassin's Creed Javier Gutiérrez
as Tomas de Torquemada
Hovik Keuchkerian - Assassin's Creed Hovik Keuchkerian
as Ojeda
Crystal Clarke - Assassin's Creed Crystal Clarke
as Samia
Brian Gleeson - Assassin's Creed Brian Gleeson
as Young Joseph
Rufus Wright - Assassin's Creed Rufus Wright
as Alex
Matias Varela - Assassin's Creed Matias Varela
as Emir
Coco König - Assassin's Creed Coco König
as Orderly
Michelle H. Lin - Assassin's Creed Michelle H. Lin
as Lin
Julio Jordán - Assassin's Creed Julio Jordán
as General Ramirez
Angus Brown - Assassin's Creed Angus Brown
as Young Cal
Kemaal Deen-Ellis - Assassin's Creed Kemaal Deen-Ellis
as Prince Ahmed
Aaron Monaghan - Assassin's Creed Aaron Monaghan
as Gilles
Thomas Camilleri - Assassin's Creed Thomas Camilleri
as King Ferdinand
Marysia S. Peres - Assassin's Creed Marysia S. Peres
as Queen Isabella
Gabriel Andreu - Assassin's Creed Gabriel Andreu
as Christopher Columbus
Jeff Mash - Assassin's Creed Jeff Mash
as Prison Warden
Yuric Allison - Assassin's Creed Yuric Allison
as Muhammad's Official
Joe Kennard - Assassin's Creed Joe Kennard
as Abstergo Guard
Gertrude Thoma - Assassin's Creed Gertrude Thoma
as Speaker
Juan Pablo Shuk - Assassin's Creed Juan Pablo Shuk
as Father
Octavia Selena Alexandru - Assassin's Creed Octavia Selena Alexandru
as Lara (uncredited)
Iain Batchelor - Assassin's Creed Iain Batchelor
as Abstergo Guard 1 (uncredited)
Dacio Caballero - Assassin's Creed Dacio Caballero
as Assasin 3 (uncredited)
Emma Clay - Assassin's Creed Emma Clay
as Child Chorister (uncredited)
Flor Ferraco - Assassin's Creed Flor Ferraco
as Guest (uncredited)
Graham Curry - Assassin's Creed Graham Curry
as Templar (uncredited)
Jem Kai Olsen - Assassin's Creed Jem Kai Olsen
as Templar (uncredited)
Louis Dulanto-Sime - Assassin's Creed Louis Dulanto-Sime
as Chorister (uncredited)
Malcolm Ellul - Assassin's Creed Malcolm Ellul
as Executioner (uncredited)
Dino Fazzani - Assassin's Creed Dino Fazzani
as Prison Guard (uncredited)
Lee Nicholas Harris - Assassin's Creed Lee Nicholas Harris
as Paramedic (uncredited)
Bruce Johnson - Assassin's Creed Bruce Johnson
as Prison Guard (uncredited)
Edward Mannering - Assassin's Creed Edward Mannering
as Abstergo Technician (uncredited)
Pip Phillips - Assassin's Creed Pip Phillips
as Lab Technician (uncredited)
Mohammed Ali - Assassin's Creed Mohammed Ali
as Infinity Patient
Jade Clarke - Assassin's Creed Jade Clarke
as Prisoner
Alexander Cooper - Assassin's Creed Alexander Cooper
as Passerby
Ty Hurley - Assassin's Creed Ty Hurley
as Freemason
Matthew Leonhart - Assassin's Creed Matthew Leonhart
as Templar
Simon Manley - Assassin's Creed Simon Manley
as Guard
Juan Carlos Martínez Antuña - Assassin's Creed Juan Carlos Martínez Antuña
as Templar
Martyn Mayger - Assassin's Creed Martyn Mayger
as Templar
Stephen McDade - Assassin's Creed Stephen McDade
as Templar
Anthony Milton - Assassin's Creed Anthony Milton
as Templar Guard
Ross Moneypenny - Assassin's Creed Ross Moneypenny
as Templar
Jassie Mortimer - Assassin's Creed Jassie Mortimer
as Female Mason
Cali Nelle - Assassin's Creed Cali Nelle
as Assassin #2
Emeson Nwolie - Assassin's Creed Emeson Nwolie
as Administration Officer
Massimo Portelli - Assassin's Creed Massimo Portelli
as Spanish Crossbowman
Jonathan Pyatt - Assassin's Creed Jonathan Pyatt
as Spanish Guard
Mike Ray - Assassin's Creed Mike Ray
as Templar Guest
Jonathan Ronin - Assassin's Creed Jonathan Ronin
as Spanish Guard
Steve Saunders - Assassin's Creed Steve Saunders
as Patient
Jasper Schellekens - Assassin's Creed Jasper Schellekens
as Spanish Infantry
Rahji Shrinarine - Assassin's Creed Rahji Shrinarine
as Templar
Clem So - Assassin's Creed Clem So
as Animus Patient
Clyde Vassallo - Assassin's Creed Clyde Vassallo
as Spanish Infantry
Sean Vassallo - Assassin's Creed Sean Vassallo
as Spanish Archer
Roberto Vivancos - Assassin's Creed Roberto Vivancos
as Merchant
Roberto Vivancos - Assassin's Creed Roberto Vivancos
as Merchant
Abi Whetton - Assassin's Creed Abi Whetton
as Choir Member
Christopher Whitlow - Assassin's Creed Christopher Whitlow
as Assassin #1
Cerys Wrigley-Moss - Assassin's Creed Cerys Wrigley-Moss
as Chorister


Production Michael Fassbender Producer
Directing Justin Kurzel Director
Writing Michael Lesslie Screenplay
Writing Adam Cooper Screenplay
Writing Bill Collage Screenplay
Production Markus Barmettler Executive Producer
Production Jean-Julien Baronnet Producer
Production Christine Burgess-Quémard Executive Producer
Production Patrick Crowley Producer
Production Jean de Rivieres Executive Producer
Production Daniel Emmerson Associate Producer
Production Gerard Guillemot Producer
Production Serge Hascoet Executive Producer
Production Philip Lee Executive Producer
Production Frank Marshall Producer
Production Conor McCaughan Producer
Production Arnon Milchan Producer
Production Alex Taylor Associate Producer
Production Richard Whelan Associate Producer
Production Jina Jay Casting
Art Andy Nicholson Production Design
Art Oliver Carroll Art Direction
Art David Doran Art Direction
Art Marc Homes Supervising Art Director
Art Tom Weaving Art Direction
Art Matt Wynne Art Direction
Art Tina Jones Set Decoration
Costume & Make-Up Timothy Everest Costume Design
Costume & Make-Up Sammy Sheldon Costume Design
Production Alison Banks Production Supervisor
Production Sally French Unit Production Manager
Crew Katie Reynolds Post Production Supervisor
Production Olivia Brittain Casting Assistant
Production Andrés Cuenca Casting Assistant
Production Edward Said Casting Associate
Art Cesco Bonello Location Scout
Production Joseph Formosa Randon Location Manager
Production Rubén Gómez Location Manager
Art Jacques Mezger Location Scout
Production Nick Oliver Location Manager
Production Dan Whitty Location Manager
Production Abby Mills Production Coordinator
Production Simon Mills Production Coordinator
Production Kaitlyn Smith Production Coordinator
Directing Lisa Vick Script Supervisor
Crew Adam Arkapaw Cinematography
Sound Jed Kurzel Music
Editing Christopher Tellefsen Editor