Watch Jackass 2.5

Watch Jackass 2.5

Jackass 2.5 (2007)


The crew have now set off to finish what as left over from Jackass 2.0, and in this version they have Wee Man use a 'pee' gun on themselves, having a mini motor bike fracas in the grocery mall, a sperm test, a portly crew member disguised as King Kong, as well as include three episodes of their hilarious adventures in India.

Director: Jeff Tremaine


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Jackass 2.5 Review

Tricia D. Layman Canada

I can't recall how many times I've seen this movie, but I am never bored by watching them one more time.

Affiano Arcuri Spain

The first time I watched it, I thought it was just kinda weird only because I didn't expect any of it. But after rewatching it, the movie was awesome!

Emmi Axelsson Sweden

I would only recommend seeing this movie if a person has nothing else to do that day.

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Bam Margera - Jackass 2.5 Bam Margera
as Himself
Steve-O - Jackass 2.5 Steve-O
as Himself
Chris Pontius - Jackass 2.5 Chris Pontius
as Himself
Johnny Knoxville - Jackass 2.5 Johnny Knoxville
as Himself
Preston Lacy - Jackass 2.5 Preston Lacy
as Himself
Jason Acuña - Jackass 2.5 Jason Acuña
as Himself
John Waters - Jackass 2.5 John Waters
as Himself
Ryan Dunn - Jackass 2.5 Ryan Dunn
as Himself
Spike Jonze - Jackass 2.5 Spike Jonze
as Himself / Old Lady
Ehren McGhehey - Jackass 2.5 Ehren McGhehey
as Himself
Jeff Tremaine - Jackass 2.5 Jeff Tremaine
as Himself
Mat Hoffman - Jackass 2.5 Mat Hoffman
as Himself
Phil Margera - Jackass 2.5 Phil Margera
as Himself
April Margera - Jackass 2.5 April Margera
as Herself
Brandon DiCamillo - Jackass 2.5 Brandon DiCamillo
as Himself
Rake Yohn - Jackass 2.5 Rake Yohn
as Himself
Sean Cliver - Jackass 2.5 Sean Cliver
as Himself
Dimitry Elyashkevich - Jackass 2.5 Dimitry Elyashkevich
as Himself
Jack Polick - Jackass 2.5 Jack Polick
as Himself
Loomis Fall - Jackass 2.5 Loomis Fall
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as Himself
Rick Kosick - Jackass 2.5 Rick Kosick
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Scott Manning - Jackass 2.5 Scott Manning
as Himself
Mike Kassak - Jackass 2.5 Mike Kassak
as Himself
Manny Puig - Jackass 2.5 Manny Puig
as Himself
Seamus Frawley - Jackass 2.5 Seamus Frawley
as Himself
Clyde Singleton - Jackass 2.5 Clyde Singleton
as Himself
Mike Judge - Jackass 2.5 Mike Judge
as Himself
Jeffrey Ross - Jackass 2.5 Jeffrey Ross
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Patty Perez - Jackass 2.5 Patty Perez
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Brandon Novak - Jackass 2.5 Brandon Novak
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Directing Jeff Tremaine Director
Production Knate Gwaltney Unit Manager
Production David Gale Executive Producer
Production Sean Cliver Co-Producer
Production Dimitry Elyashkevich Co-Producer
Production Derek Freda Executive Producer
Production Spike Jonze Producer
Production Johnny Knoxville Producer
Production Bam Margera Co-Producer
Production Trip Taylor Executive Producer
Production Jeff Tremaine Producer
Production Van Toffler Executive Producer
Production Gregory J. Wolf Associate Producer
Production Shanna Zablow Coordinating Producer
Sound Sam Spiegel Music
Crew Lance Bangs Cinematography
Crew Dimitry Elyashkevich Cinematography
Costume & Make-Up Sarah de Sa Rego Costume Design
Sound Peter Arata Sound Designer
Sound Tyler Bender Sound Mixer
Camera Joseph Frantz Camera Operator
Editing Seth Casriel Supervising Film Editor
Visual Effects Russell Lynch Color Designer
Crew Jesse Hoy Post-Production Manager
Crew K. Jessica Doyle Production Office Assistant
Production Michael A. Galasso Production Coordinator
Crew Stephen Marsh Production Office Assistant
Crew Grady Allen Bishop Utility Stunts
Crew James Cheek Stunts
Crew Andrew Scott Dixon Stunt Coordinator
Crew Jeff Galpin Stunt Coordinator
Crew Dwayne Hargo Jr. Stunts
Crew Judd Leffew Stunts
Crew Phi-Long Nguyen Utility Stunts
Crew Amy Tomberlin Stunts