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Pixels (2015)

ActionComedyScience Fiction

Video game experts are recruited by the military to fight 1980s-era video game characters who've attacked New York.

Director: Chris Columbus
Writers: Tim Herlihy, Timothy Dowling.


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Pixels Review

Nicholas Lacharité France

I absolutely love this movie. If you haven't seen it I would definitely recommend this movie.

Tommy Aslam Norway

It was the exact opposite for me. I loved the first one and was very meh.. about the second.

Petronilla Conti Italy

I don't know if this is some memory problem I have or if the movies are really that good.

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Adam Sandler - Pixels Adam Sandler
as Sam Brenner
Michelle Monaghan - Pixels Michelle Monaghan
as Violet Van Patten
Peter Dinklage - Pixels Peter Dinklage
as Eddie Plant
Josh Gad - Pixels Josh Gad
as Ludlow Lamonsoff
Kevin James - Pixels Kevin James
as President Will Cooper
Ashley Benson - Pixels Ashley Benson
as Lady Lisa
Sean Bean - Pixels Sean Bean
as Corporal Hill (SAS Officer)
Jane Krakowski - Pixels Jane Krakowski
as Carolyn Cooper
Brian Cox - Pixels Brian Cox
as Admiral Porter
Matthew Lintz - Pixels Matthew Lintz
as Matty
Dan Aykroyd - Pixels Dan Aykroyd
as 1982 Championship MC
Jackie Sandler - Pixels Jackie Sandler
as President's Assistant Jennifer
Dan Patrick - Pixels Dan Patrick
as White House Reporter #1
Robert Smigel - Pixels Robert Smigel
as White House Reporter #2
Anthony Ippolito - Pixels Anthony Ippolito
as 13-year-old Brenner
Affion Crockett - Pixels Affion Crockett
as Sergeant Dylan Cohan
Lainie Kazan - Pixels Lainie Kazan
as Mickey Lamonsoff
Denis Akiyama - Pixels Denis Akiyama
as Professor Iwatani
Tom McCarthy - Pixels Tom McCarthy
as Michael the Robot
Tim Herlihy - Pixels Tim Herlihy
as Defense Secretary
Jared Sandler - Pixels Jared Sandler
as White House Junior Aide Jared
William S. Taylor - Pixels William S. Taylor
as Navy Secretary
Rose Rollins - Pixels Rose Rollins
as White House Press Secretary
Tucker Smallwood - Pixels Tucker Smallwood
as CIA Chief
Serena Williams - Pixels Serena Williams
as Serena Willams
Martha Stewart - Pixels Martha Stewart
as Martha Stewart
Allen Covert - Pixels Allen Covert
as Abusive Citizen
Nick Swardson - Pixels Nick Swardson
as Pac-Man Victim
Rob Archer - Pixels Rob Archer
as Seal
Jack Fulton - Pixels Jack Fulton
as Boy on London Street
Sadie Sandler - Pixels Sadie Sandler
as Lemonadie Sadie
Bridget Graham - Pixels Bridget Graham
as Cyber Chick #1
Jocelyn Hudon - Pixels Jocelyn Hudon
as Cyber Chick #2
Annika Pergament - Pixels Annika Pergament
as New Reporter
Bill Lake - Pixels Bill Lake
as NY Police Commissioner
Mark Whelan - Pixels Mark Whelan
as Colonel Devereux
Sunny Sandler - Pixels Sunny Sandler
as Sweet Scout Girl
Hannah Covert - Pixels Hannah Covert
as Arcader Choir Girl
Chris Titone - Pixels Chris Titone
as Soccer Player
Abigail Covert - Pixels Abigail Covert
as Classroom Scout Girl
Sienna James - Pixels Sienna James
as Classroom Scout Girl
Shea James - Pixels Shea James
as Classroom Scout Girl
Jonathan Loughran - Pixels Jonathan Loughran
as White House Gate Guard
Toru Iwatani - Pixels Toru Iwatani
as Electric Dream Factory Repairman
Jared Riley - Pixels Jared Riley
as 13-Year Old Cooper
Andrew Bambridge - Pixels Andrew Bambridge
as 13-Year Old Eddie
Jacob Shinder - Pixels Jacob Shinder
as 8-Year Old Ludlow
Margaret Killingbeck - Pixels Margaret Killingbeck
as Old Woman in London Apartment
Ron Mustafaa - Pixels Ron Mustafaa
as Indian Teenage Boy
Meher Pavri - Pixels Meher Pavri
as Indian Teenage Girl
Lamont James - Pixels Lamont James
as Seal
James Preston Rogers - Pixels James Preston Rogers
as Seal
Bola Olubowale - Pixels Bola Olubowale
as Seal
Mark Sparks - Pixels Mark Sparks
as Fighter Pilot
Steve Wiebe - Pixels Steve Wiebe
as DARPA Scientist
Sara Haines - Pixels Sara Haines
as TV News Anchor
Derwin Philips - Pixels Derwin Philips
as Secret Service Man
Michael Boisvert - Pixels Michael Boisvert
as Secret Service Man
Colleen Reynolds - Pixels Colleen Reynolds
as Abusive Citizen
Jimi Shlag - Pixels Jimi Shlag
as Abusive Citizen
Emily Jenkins - Pixels Emily Jenkins
as Abusive Citizen
Sistah Lois - Pixels Sistah Lois
as Sergeant Cohan's Mother
Andrew McMichael - Pixels Andrew McMichael
as Arcade Employee
Gary Douglas - Pixels Gary Douglas
as DC Valet
Eric Trask - Pixels Eric Trask
as Warden
Susie McLean - Pixels Susie McLean
as Press Person
Daryl Hall - Pixels Daryl Hall
as Daryl Hall
John Oates - Pixels John Oates
as John Oates
Matt Frewer - Pixels Matt Frewer
as Max Headroom (voice)
Billy West - Pixels Billy West
as Additional Character Voice (voice)
Holly Beavon - Pixels Holly Beavon
as Additional Character Voice (voice)
Dave Reachill - Pixels Dave Reachill
as Lab Technician
Joshua Holmes - Pixels Joshua Holmes
as Arcader (uncredited)


Directing Chris Columbus Director
Writing Tim Herlihy Screenplay
Writing Timothy Dowling Screenplay
Writing Patrick Jean Story
Sound Henry Jackman Music
Production Johnny Alves Executive Producer
Production Michael Barnathan Producer
Production Barry Bernardi Executive Producer
Production Matias Boucard Executive Producer
Production Chris Columbus Producer
Production Allen Covert Producer
Production Benjamin Darras Executive Producer
Production Jack Giarraputo Executive Producer
Production Seth Gordon Executive Producer
Production Kevin Grady Co-Producer
Production Tim Herlihy Executive Producer
Production Patrick Jean Executive Producer
Production Steve Koren Executive Producer
Production Heather Parry Executive Producer
Production Mark Radcliffe Producer
Production Adam Sandler Producer
Production Ben Waisbren Executive Producer
Camera Amir Mokri Director of Photography
Editing Hughes Winborne Editor
Visual Effects Liz Bernard Animation
Visual Effects Anna Cardillo Animation
Visual Effects Jocelyn Cofer Animation
Visual Effects Brian Franklin Animation
Visual Effects Atsuo Fujiwara Animation
Visual Effects Emilie Goulet Animation
Visual Effects Ellen Hoffmann Animation
Visual Effects David Humphreys Animation
Visual Effects Julius Kwan Animation
Visual Effects Pericles Michielin Animation
Visual Effects Paul Robertson Animation
Visual Effects Richard Smith Animation
Visual Effects Nicholas St. Clair Animation
Visual Effects Steve Nichols Animation Supervisor
Visual Effects Julien Lasbleiz VFX Artist
Visual Effects Paul Robertson Animation