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Nothing on Earth could come between them.

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Titanic (1997)


101-year-old Rose DeWitt Bukater tells the story of her life aboard the Titanic, 84 years later. A young Rose boards the ship with her mother and fiancé. Meanwhile, Jack Dawson and Fabrizio De Rossi win third-class tickets aboard the ship. Rose tells the whole story from Titanic's departure through to its death—on its first and last voyage—on April 15, 1912.

Director: James Cameron
Writer: James Cameron


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Titanic Review

Nicholas Lacharité France

I absolutely love this movie. If you haven't seen it I would definitely recommend this movie.

Edvard Mikaelsen Greenland

Its a great movie. I'll watch it every time I see its on.

Facondo Pugliesi Italy

This movie is so good!

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Kate Winslet - Titanic Kate Winslet
as Rose DeWitt Bukater
Leonardo DiCaprio - Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio
as Jack Dawson
Billy Zane - Titanic Billy Zane
as Caledon 'Cal' Hockley
Kathy Bates - Titanic Kathy Bates
as Molly Brown
Frances Fisher - Titanic Frances Fisher
as Ruth Dewitt Bukater
Gloria Stuart - Titanic Gloria Stuart
as Old Rose
Bill Paxton - Titanic Bill Paxton
as Brock Lovett
Bernard Hill - Titanic Bernard Hill
as Captain Edward James Smith
David Warner - Titanic David Warner
as Spicer Lovejoy
Victor Garber - Titanic Victor Garber
as Thomas Andrews
Jonathan Hyde - Titanic Jonathan Hyde
as Bruce Ismay
Suzy Amis - Titanic Suzy Amis
as Lizzy Calvert
Lewis Abernathy - Titanic Lewis Abernathy
as Lewis Bodine
Nicholas Cascone - Titanic Nicholas Cascone
as Bobby Buell
Danny Nucci - Titanic Danny Nucci
as Fabrizio
Jason Barry - Titanic Jason Barry
as Tommy Ryan
Lew Palter - Titanic Lew Palter
as Isidor Straus
Eric Braeden - Titanic Eric Braeden
as John Jacob Astor IV
Bernard Fox - Titanic Bernard Fox
as Col. Archibald Gracie
Ewan Stewart - Titanic Ewan Stewart
as 1st Officer Murdoch
Ioan Gruffudd - Titanic Ioan Gruffudd
as Fifth Officer Lowe
Jonny Phillips - Titanic Jonny Phillips
as 2nd Officer Lightoller
Edward Fletcher - Titanic Edward Fletcher
as 6th Officer Moody
Scott G. Anderson - Titanic Scott G. Anderson
as Frederick Fleet
Martin East - Titanic Martin East
as Reginald Lee
Gregory Cooke - Titanic Gregory Cooke
as Jack Phillips
Alexandrea Owens - Titanic Alexandrea Owens
as Cora Cartmell
Seth Adkins - Titanic Seth Adkins
as Slovakian 3 Year Old Boy
Michael Ensign - Titanic Michael Ensign
as Benjamin Guggenheim
Anatoly M. Sagalevitch - Titanic Anatoly M. Sagalevitch
as Anatoly Milkailavich
Martin Hub - Titanic Martin Hub
as Slovakian Father
Mark Lindsay Chapman - Titanic Mark Lindsay Chapman
as Chief Officer Wilde
Richard Graham - Titanic Richard Graham
as Quartermaster Rowe
Paul Brightwell - Titanic Paul Brightwell
as Quartermaster Hichens
Ron Donachie - Titanic Ron Donachie
as Master at Arms
Charlotte Chatton - Titanic Charlotte Chatton
as Madeleine Astor
Fannie Brett - Titanic Fannie Brett
as Madame Aubert
Jenette Goldstein - Titanic Jenette Goldstein
as Irish Mommy
Camilla Overbye Roos - Titanic Camilla Overbye Roos
as Helga Dahl
Linda Kerns - Titanic Linda Kerns
as 3rd Class Woman
Amy Gaipa - Titanic Amy Gaipa
as Trudy Bolt
Martin Jarvis - Titanic Martin Jarvis
as Sir Duff Gordon
Rosalind Ayres - Titanic Rosalind Ayres
as Lady Duff Gordon
Rochelle Rose - Titanic Rochelle Rose
as Countess of Rothes
Jonathan Evans-Jones - Titanic Jonathan Evans-Jones
as Wallace Hartley
Rocky Taylor - Titanic Rocky Taylor
as Bert Cartmell
Craig Kelly - Titanic Craig Kelly
as Harold Bride
Liam Tuohy - Titanic Liam Tuohy
as Chief Baker Joughin
Simon Crane - Titanic Simon Crane
as 4th Officer Boxhall
James Lancaster - Titanic James Lancaster
as Father Byles
Elsa Raven - Titanic Elsa Raven
as Ida Strauss
Reece P. Thompson III - Titanic Reece P. Thompson III
as Irish Little Boy
Laramie Landis - Titanic Laramie Landis
as Irish Little Girl
Mark Rafael Truitt - Titanic Mark Rafael Truitt
as Yaley
John Walcutt - Titanic John Walcutt
as 1st Class Husband
Terry Forrestal - Titanic Terry Forrestal
as Chief Engineer Bell
Derek Lea - Titanic Derek Lea
as Leading Stoker Barrett
Richard Ashton - Titanic Richard Ashton
as Carpenter John Hutchinson
Sean Nepita - Titanic Sean Nepita
as Elevator Operator
Brendan Connolly - Titanic Brendan Connolly
as Scotland Road Steward
David Cronnelly - Titanic David Cronnelly
as Crewman
Garth Wilton - Titanic Garth Wilton
as 1st Class Waiter
Richard Fox - Titanic Richard Fox
as Steward #1
Nick Meaney - Titanic Nick Meaney
as Steward #2
Kevin Owers - Titanic Kevin Owers
as Steward #3
Mark Capri - Titanic Mark Capri
as Steward #4
Marc Cass - Titanic Marc Cass
as Hold Steward #1
Paul Herbert - Titanic Paul Herbert
as Hold Steward #2
Emmett James - Titanic Emmett James
as 1st Class Steward
Chris Byrne - Titanic Chris Byrne
as Stairwell Steward
Oliver Page - Titanic Oliver Page
as Steward Barnes
James Garrett - Titanic James Garrett
as Porter
Erik Holland - Titanic Erik Holland
as Porter
Erik Holland - Titanic Erik Holland
as Olaf Dahl
Jari Kinnunen - Titanic Jari Kinnunen
as Bjorn Gunderson
Anders Falk - Titanic Anders Falk
as Olaus Gunderson
Barry Dennen - Titanic Barry Dennen
as Praying Man
Vern Urich - Titanic Vern Urich
as Man in Water
Rebecca Klingler - Titanic Rebecca Klingler
as Mother at Stern
Tricia O'Neil - Titanic Tricia O'Neil
as Woman
Kathleen S. Dunn - Titanic Kathleen S. Dunn
as Woman in Water
Romeo Francis - Titanic Romeo Francis
as Syrian Man
Mandana Marino - Titanic Mandana Marino
as Syrian Woman
Van Ling - Titanic Van Ling
as Chinese Man
Bjørn Olsen - Titanic Bjørn Olsen
as Olaf
Dan Pettersson - Titanic Dan Pettersson
as Sven
Shay Duffin - Titanic Shay Duffin
as Pubkeeper
Greg Ellis - Titanic Greg Ellis
as Carpathia Steward
Diana Morgan - Titanic Diana Morgan
as News Reporter
Kris Andersson - Titanic Kris Andersson
as Dancer
Bobbie Bates - Titanic Bobbie Bates
as Dancer
Aaron James Cash - Titanic Aaron James Cash
as Dancer
Anne Fletcher - Titanic Anne Fletcher
as Dancer
Edmond Alan Forsyth - Titanic Edmond Alan Forsyth
as Dancer
Andie Hicks - Titanic Andie Hicks
as Dancer
Scott Hislop - Titanic Scott Hislop
as Dancer
Stan Mazin - Titanic Stan Mazin
as Dancer
Lisa Ratzin - Titanic Lisa Ratzin
as Dancer
Julene Renee - Titanic Julene Renee
as Dancer
Brian Baines - Titanic Brian Baines
as Noble Sailor
Ellie Bensinger - Titanic Ellie Bensinger
as Tea Room Girl
Alexandra Boyd - Titanic Alexandra Boyd
as 1st Class Woman
Mike Butters - Titanic Mike Butters
as Musician / Baker
James Cameron - Titanic James Cameron
as Steerage Dancer
Bruno Campolo - Titanic Bruno Campolo
as 1st Class Man
Chris Cragnotti - Titanic Chris Cragnotti
as Victor Giglio
Kevyn Currie - Titanic Kevyn Currie
as Titanic Crewmember
Kevin De La Noy - Titanic Kevin De La Noy
as 3rd Officer Pitman
Thomas Fiss - Titanic Thomas Fiss
as Douglas Spedden
Griffin Howell - Titanic Griffin Howell
as 1st Class Passenger / Praying Man
Sean Howse - Titanic Sean Howse
as The Promenade Steward
Tony Kenny - Titanic Tony Kenny
as Deckhand
Bret Aaron Knower - Titanic Bret Aaron Knower
as Passenger
George Kosty III - Titanic George Kosty III
as Waiter
George Kosty Jr. - Titanic George Kosty Jr.
as 2nd Class Passenger
Geoffrey C. Kosty - Titanic Geoffrey C. Kosty
as Seaman
Gregory Charles Kosty - Titanic Gregory Charles Kosty
as Seaman
Sean Lawlor - Titanic Sean Lawlor
as Leading Stroker Charles Hendrickson
John Leonhardt - Titanic John Leonhardt
as 2nd Class Passenger
Miguel A. Lomelin - Titanic Miguel A. Lomelin
as Rich Man
Don Lynch - Titanic Don Lynch
as Frederick Spedden
Johnny Martin - Titanic Johnny Martin
as Rescue Boat Crewman
Ryan McClurkin - Titanic Ryan McClurkin
as 2nd Class Passenger / Engine Room Crewman
Meghan McLeod - Titanic Meghan McLeod
as First Class Passenger
Mike O'Neal - Titanic Mike O'Neal
as Engine Room Crewman
Julian Oros - Titanic Julian Oros
as Engineering Officer
Phil Parlapiano - Titanic Phil Parlapiano
as Button Accordionist
Judy Prestininzi - Titanic Judy Prestininzi
as Praying Woman
Steven Quale - Titanic Steven Quale
as Engine Room Crewman
Olivia Rosewood - Titanic Olivia Rosewood
as Mary Marvin
John Slade - Titanic John Slade
as Ohio Man
Stephen Wolfe Smith - Titanic Stephen Wolfe Smith
as 1st Class Dining Room Steward
R. Gern Trowbridge - Titanic R. Gern Trowbridge
as Drowning Man
Francisco Váldez - Titanic Francisco Váldez
as Man Being Combed for Lice
Lucie Zolcerova - Titanic Lucie Zolcerova
as Kissing Couple
Brian Walsh - Titanic Brian Walsh
as Irish Man


Directing James Cameron Director
Writing James Cameron Screenplay
Sound James Horner Original Music Composer
Camera Russell Carpenter Director of Photography
Editing Conrad Buff IV Editor
Editing James Cameron Editor
Editing Richard A. Harris Editor
Production Mali Finn Casting
Art Peter Lamont Production Design
Art Martin Laing Art Direction
Art Michael Ford Set Decoration
Costume & Make-Up Deborah Lynn Scott Costume Design
Production Grant Hill Unit Production Manager
Production Jon Landau Unit Production Manager
Production Sharon Mann Unit Production Manager
Production Anna Roth Unit Production Manager
Crew Lisa Dennis Post Production Supervisor
Production Giedra Rackauskas Production Supervisor
Production Emily Schweber Casting
Production James Cameron Producer
Production Jon Landau Producer
Costume & Make-Up Sarah Touaibi Costume Supervisor
Costume & Make-Up Adolfo Ramírez Costume Supervisor
Production Rae Sanchini Executive Producer
Crew Brian N. Bentley Compositors
Crew Chris O'Connell Visual Effects Editor
Camera Merie Weismiller Wallace Still Photographer
Camera Marcis Cole Steadicam Operator
Lighting Mike Amorelli Rigging Gaffer
Sound Randy Gerston Music Supervisor
Sound Joe E. Rand Music Editor
Crew Simon Crane Stunt Coordinator
Production Al Giddings Co-Producer
Production Grant Hill Co-Producer
Production Pamela Easley Associate Producer
Crew George Fisher Stunts
Crew Greg Cannom Makeup Effects
Art Charlotte Harper Art Department Coordinator
Art Amanda Sallybanks Art Department Coordinator
Art Tony Graysmark Construction Coordinator
Art William Les Collins Construction Coordinator
Art Scott MacFarlane Construction Coordinator
Production Magui Jimenez Casting Associate
Production Magui Jimenez Casting Associate
Production Gemma Joffroy Casting Associate
Production Rudy Joffroy Casting Associate
Production Jesus Ignacio Santana Casting Associate
Production Emily Schweber Casting Associate
Costume & Make-Up Lahly Poore Assistant Costume Designer
Costume & Make-Up David Le Vey Assistant Costume Designer
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Camera John Paszkiewicz Additional Photography
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Sound Richard Corwin ADR Editor
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Sound Christopher Scarabosio Sound Effects Editor
Sound Ethan Van der Ryn Sound Effects Editor
Sound David C. Hughes Sound Effects Editor
Sound Joan Chamberlain Sound Recordist
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Directing Steven Quale Second Unit Director
Directing Josh McLaglen First Assistant Director
Visual Effects John Bruno Visual Effects