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Ver Germanikus

Ver Germanikus

Germanikus (2004)


Directora: Hanns Christian Müller
Escritores: Gerhard Polt, Franco Ferrini, Hans Weth, Hanns Christian Müller.


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Germanikus Review

Michael E. Smith United Kingdom

I once watched those movies three times in one day and I would totally do that again.

Tommy Aslam Norway

It was the exact opposite for me. I loved the first one and was very meh.. about the second.

Nicholas Lacharité France

I absolutely love this movie. If you haven't seen it I would definitely recommend this movie.

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Gerhard Polt - Germanikus Gerhard Polt
as Germanikus
Gisela Schneeberger - Germanikus Gisela Schneeberger
as Tusnelda
Rufus Beck - Germanikus Rufus Beck
as Präfekt
Thiam Aïssatou - Germanikus Thiam Aïssatou
as Saba
Anke Engelke - Germanikus Anke Engelke
as Frau Senator
Bernhard Hoëcker - Germanikus Bernhard Hoëcker
as Römischer Geschäftsmann
Hilmi Sözer - Germanikus Hilmi Sözer
as Römischer Sklavenjäger
Manfred Lehmann - Germanikus Manfred Lehmann
as Sejanus
Martin Schneider - Germanikus Martin Schneider
as Figaro Nino
Tom Gerhardt - Germanikus Tom Gerhardt
as Almosius
Moritz Bleibtreu - Germanikus Moritz Bleibtreu
as Kaiser Titus
Andreas Hofmann - Germanikus Andreas Hofmann
as Bodo
Irm Hermann - Germanikus Irm Hermann
as Germanikus Mutter
Nikolaus Paryla - Germanikus Nikolaus Paryla
as Sigurd
Annette Frier - Germanikus Annette Frier
as Brunhilda
Claudia Wipplinger - Germanikus Claudia Wipplinger
as Algunda
Jessica Kosmalla - Germanikus Jessica Kosmalla
as Karin
Michael Schreiner - Germanikus Michael Schreiner
as Manfred
Viktor Giacobbo - Germanikus Viktor Giacobbo
as Notar
Nadia Rinaldi - Germanikus Nadia Rinaldi
as Matrone
Alvaro Solar - Germanikus Alvaro Solar
as Quintus Turbo
Simone Luzi - Germanikus Simone Luzi
as Vizio
Emilio De Marchi - Germanikus Emilio De Marchi
as Balsamico
Petra Reinhardt - Germanikus Petra Reinhardt
as Ehrgeizige Mutter
Krassimir Ivanov - Germanikus Krassimir Ivanov
as Ramses
Daniele Ferretti - Germanikus Daniele Ferretti
as Phoenix
Franco Bertipaglia - Germanikus Franco Bertipaglia
as Polyphem
Ettore Riccobono - Germanikus Ettore Riccobono
as Driver
Matteo Bilello - Germanikus Matteo Bilello
as Musculus
Rick Boyd - Germanikus Rick Boyd
as Sklaven-Brenner
Roberto Cardone - Germanikus Roberto Cardone
as Nomenclator
Roberto D'Alessandro - Germanikus Roberto D'Alessandro
as Greek Philosopher
Gianluca Del Mastro - Germanikus Gianluca Del Mastro
as Lobhudler
Maria Cristina Maccà - Germanikus Maria Cristina Maccà
as Frau am Imbissstand
Daniele Natali - Germanikus Daniele Natali
as Präsentator
Pietro Torrisi - Germanikus Pietro Torrisi
as Thraker
Danilo Maria Valli - Germanikus Danilo Maria Valli
as Majordomus
Giancarlo Viola - Germanikus Giancarlo Viola
as Domitius Bulbo
Taiyo Yamanouchi - Germanikus Taiyo Yamanouchi
as Asian


Directing Hanns Christian Müller Director
Writing Gerhard Polt Screenplay
Writing Franco Ferrini Screenplay
Writing Hans Weth Screenplay
Writing Hanns Christian Müller Screenplay
Production Maurizio Pastrovich Line Producer
Production Hans Weth Producer
Sound Hanns Christian Müller Music
Camera Fred Schuler Director of Photography
Editing Gerd Berner Editor
Editing Ueli Christen Editor