Regarder Frankenstein

Regarder Frankenstein

Frankenstein (1931)


Le jeune savant Henry Frankenstein parvient, à partir de restes humains assemblés, à donner vie à une créature.

Directeur: James Whale
écrivains: Peggy Webling, Francis Edward Faragoh, Garrett Fort, Robert Florey, John Russell.


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Frankenstein Review

Petronilla Conti Italy

I don't know if this is some memory problem I have or if the movies are really that good.

Facondo Pugliesi Italy

This movie is so good!

Tommy Aslam Norway

It was the exact opposite for me. I loved the first one and was very meh.. about the second.

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Colin Clive - Frankenstein Colin Clive
as Dr. Henry Frankenstein
Mae Clarke - Frankenstein Mae Clarke
as Elizabeth
John Boles - Frankenstein John Boles
as Victor Moritz
Boris Karloff - Frankenstein Boris Karloff
as The Monster
Edward Van Sloan - Frankenstein Edward Van Sloan
as Dr. Waldman
Frederick Kerr - Frankenstein Frederick Kerr
as Baron Frankenstein
Dwight Frye - Frankenstein Dwight Frye
as Fritz
Lionel Belmore - Frankenstein Lionel Belmore
as Herr Vogel
Marilyn Harris - Frankenstein Marilyn Harris
as Maria
Michael Mark - Frankenstein Michael Mark
as Ludwig
Ted Billings - Frankenstein Ted Billings
as Villager
Mae Bruce - Frankenstein Mae Bruce
as Screaming Maid
Jack Curtis - Frankenstein Jack Curtis
as Extra
Arletta Duncan - Frankenstein Arletta Duncan
as Bridesmaid
William Dyer - Frankenstein William Dyer
as Gravedigger
Francis Ford - Frankenstein Francis Ford
as Hans
Soledad Jiménez - Frankenstein Soledad Jiménez
as Mourner
Carmencita Johnson - Frankenstein Carmencita Johnson
as Little Girl
Sessel Anne Johnson - Frankenstein Sessel Anne Johnson
as Little Girl
Margaret Mann - Frankenstein Margaret Mann
as Mourner
Pauline Moore - Frankenstein Pauline Moore
as Bridesmaid
Inez Palange - Frankenstein Inez Palange
as Villager
Paul Panzer - Frankenstein Paul Panzer
as Mourner
Cecilia Parker - Frankenstein Cecilia Parker
as Maid
Rose Plumer - Frankenstein Rose Plumer
as Villager
Cecil Reynolds - Frankenstein Cecil Reynolds
as Waldman's Secretary
Ellinor Vanderveer - Frankenstein Ellinor Vanderveer
as Medical Student


Production E.M. Asher Associate Producer
Production Carl Laemmle Jr. Producer
Art Charles D. Hall Art Direction
Sound C. Roy Hunter Recording Supervision
Editing Maurice Pivar Supervising Film Editor
Camera Arthur Edeson Director of Photography
Sound David Broekman Music Director
Directing James Whale Director
Camera Alan Jones Additional Camera
Writing Mary Shelley Novel
Writing Peggy Webling Screenplay
Writing Francis Edward Faragoh Screenplay
Writing Garrett Fort Screenplay
Writing Robert Florey Screenplay
Writing John Russell Screenplay
Sound Bernhard Kaun Original Music Composer
Camera Paul Ivano Director of Photography
Editing Clarence Kolster Editor
Costume & Make-Up Jack P. Pierce Makeup Artist
Crew John P. Fulton Special Effects
Crew Robert Livingston Stand In
Crew Ken Strickfaden Special Effects
Directing Joseph A. McDonough Assistant Director
Crew William Hedgcock Sound Recordist
Crew Ed Keyes Property Master
Sound Gilbert Kurland Music Supervisor
Camera Sherman Clark Still Photographer
Art Herman Rosse Set Designer