Regarder Trener

Regarder Trener

Trener (1978)


Directeur: Mladomir 'Puriša' Đorđević


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Trener Review

Olivie Parent France

I love this movie and I am just now watching them again.

Tommy Aslam Norway

It was the exact opposite for me. I loved the first one and was very meh.. about the second.

Emmi Axelsson Sweden

I would only recommend seeing this movie if a person has nothing else to do that day.

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Tanasije Uzunović - Trener Tanasije Uzunović
as Petar
Ljuba Tadić - Trener Ljuba Tadić
as Lenka
Zoran Veličković - Trener Zoran Veličković
as Ruzmarin, centarfor Orkana
Ljiljana Tica - Trener Ljiljana Tica
as Odbojkašica zvana Nedelja
Miki Jovičić - Trener Miki Jovičić
as Orač, mehaničar
Zoran Bogdanovič - Trener Zoran Bogdanovič
as Prvi golman Orkana
Milutin Jevđenijević - Trener Milutin Jevđenijević
as Grobar i vanredni student
Zoran Stojanović - Trener Zoran Stojanović
as Golman prva rezerva
Slavica Stefanović - Trener Slavica Stefanović
as Žena igrača sa brojem 8
Adam Obrenović - Trener Adam Obrenović
as Levi half
Ljalja Gezim - Trener Ljalja Gezim
as Levo krilo
Saša Pajić - Trener Saša Pajić
as Novinar
Peter Carsten - Trener Peter Carsten
as Knez
Milena Dravić - Trener Milena Dravić
as Petrova bivša žena
Dušica Žegarac - Trener Dušica Žegarac
as Lila, Knezova žena


Directing Mladomir 'Puriša' Đorđević Director
Writing Mladomir 'Puriša' Đorđević Writer