Regarder Footloose

Regarder Footloose

Footloose (2011)


Ren quitte Boston pour une petite ville, Bomont (Massachusetts). Danseur né, il heurte les conceptions morales de la communauté et de son révérend, le maître à penser de l'endroit ... Mais Ren tombe amoureux de la fille de l'homme d'église, et les autres jeunes se rallient à lui pour prouver que la danse ne rime pas toujours avec décadence.

Directeur: Craig Brewer
écrivains: Craig Brewer, Dean Pitchford.


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Footloose Review

Tommy Aslam Norway

It was the exact opposite for me. I loved the first one and was very meh.. about the second.

Petronilla Conti Italy

I don't know if this is some memory problem I have or if the movies are really that good.

Affiano Arcuri Spain

The first time I watched it, I thought it was just kinda weird only because I didn't expect any of it. But after rewatching it, the movie was awesome!

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Kenny Wormald - Footloose Kenny Wormald
as Ren MacCormack
Julianne Hough - Footloose Julianne Hough
as Ariel Moore
Andie MacDowell - Footloose Andie MacDowell
as Vi Moore
Miles Teller - Footloose Miles Teller
as Willard Hewitt
Ray McKinnon - Footloose Ray McKinnon
as Wes Warnicker
Patrick John Flueger - Footloose Patrick John Flueger
as Chuck Cranston
Kim Dickens - Footloose Kim Dickens
as Lulu Warnicker
Dennis Quaid - Footloose Dennis Quaid
as Rev. Shaw Moore
Ziah Colon - Footloose Ziah Colon
as Rusty Rodriguez
Ser'Darius Blain - Footloose Ser'Darius Blain
as Woody
L. Warren Young - Footloose L. Warren Young
as Andy Beamis
Brett Rice - Footloose Brett Rice
as Roger Dunbar
Maggie Elizabeth Jones - Footloose Maggie Elizabeth Jones
as Amy Warnicker
Mary-Charles Jones - Footloose Mary-Charles Jones
as Sarah Warnicker
Enisha Brewster - Footloose Enisha Brewster
as Etta
Josh Warren - Footloose Josh Warren
as Rich
Corey Flaspoler - Footloose Corey Flaspoler
as Russell
Anessa Ramsey - Footloose Anessa Ramsey
as Caroline
Jason Ferguson - Footloose Jason Ferguson
as Travis
Frank Hoyt Taylor - Footloose Frank Hoyt Taylor
as Mr. Parker
Jayson Smith - Footloose Jayson Smith
as Officer Herb
Claude Phillips - Footloose Claude Phillips
as Claude
Clay Chappell - Footloose Clay Chappell
as Councilperson
Tony Vaughn - Footloose Tony Vaughn
as Councilperson
Staley Colvert - Footloose Staley Colvert
as Councilperson
Daniel Burnley - Footloose Daniel Burnley
as Councilperson
Jack Davidson - Footloose Jack Davidson
as Councilperson
Alisa Pettit - Footloose Alisa Pettit
as Councilperson
Tracy Goode - Footloose Tracy Goode
as Judge
Clayton Landey - Footloose Clayton Landey
as Coach Guerntz
John Still - Footloose John Still
as Track Official
Brian Durkin - Footloose Brian Durkin
as Big Cowboy
Amber Wallace - Footloose Amber Wallace
as Instructor
Sandra Ellis Lafferty - Footloose Sandra Ellis Lafferty
as Mrs. Allyson
D. Dylan Schettina - Footloose D. Dylan Schettina
as Drive-In Bus Boy
Blair Jasin - Footloose Blair Jasin
as Bobby
Jasmine Cook - Footloose Jasmine Cook
as Car Accident Victim
Reece Thomas - Footloose Reece Thomas
as Car Accident Victim
Ivey Lowe - Footloose Ivey Lowe
as Car Accident Victim
Anna Marie Dobbins - Footloose Anna Marie Dobbins
as Car Accident Victim
Kevin Renard Fisher - Footloose Kevin Renard Fisher
as Woody's Cousin
Andrew Ruark - Footloose Andrew Ruark
as Cotton Gin Worker
Travis Young - Footloose Travis Young
as Big Bubba
Jamal Sims - Footloose Jamal Sims
as Kegger D. J.
Kyle Wayne Cordova - Footloose Kyle Wayne Cordova
as Dancer
Alvester Martin - Footloose Alvester Martin
as Dancer
Madison Benson - Footloose Madison Benson
as Kegger Dancer
Jonathan Sylvan Carey - Footloose Jonathan Sylvan Carey
as Kegger Dancer
Craig Brewer - Footloose Craig Brewer
as Kegger Dancer
Bubba Carr - Footloose Bubba Carr
as Kegger Dancer
Sora Connor - Footloose Sora Connor
as Kegger Dancer
Kasey Davage - Footloose Kasey Davage
as Kegger Dancer
Chynna Dulac - Footloose Chynna Dulac
as Kegger Dancer
Brett Frost - Footloose Brett Frost
as Kegger Dancer
Terrence Gilbert Green - Footloose Terrence Gilbert Green
as Kegger Dancer
Ashlyn Henson - Footloose Ashlyn Henson
as Kegger Dancer
Cicely Kelley - Footloose Cicely Kelley
as Kegger Dancer
Elysandra Quinones - Footloose Elysandra Quinones
as Kegger Dancer
Brandon Sauve - Footloose Brandon Sauve
as Kegger Dancer
Allan Skeene, Jr. - Footloose Allan Skeene, Jr.
as Kegger Dancer
Katherine Slatery - Footloose Katherine Slatery
as Kegger Dancer
Amanda Topper - Footloose Amanda Topper
as Kegger Dancer
Jasmine Badie - Footloose Jasmine Badie
as Drive-In Grill Dancer
Sean Bankhead - Footloose Sean Bankhead
as Drive-In Grill Dancer
Terence Dickson - Footloose Terence Dickson
as Drive-In Grill Dancer
Kiara Ely - Footloose Kiara Ely
as Drive-In Grill Dancer
Comfort Fedoke - Footloose Comfort Fedoke
as Drive-In Grill Dancer
Hannah Huddleston - Footloose Hannah Huddleston
as Drive-In Grill Dancer
Stephen Stevo Jones - Footloose Stephen Stevo Jones
as Drive-In Grill Dancer
JaQuel Knight - Footloose JaQuel Knight
as Drive-In Grill Dancer
Tamara Levinson - Footloose Tamara Levinson
as Drive-In Grill Dancer
Ron Myles - Footloose Ron Myles
as Drive-In Grill Dancer
Britney Chelene Thomas - Footloose Britney Chelene Thomas
as Drive-In Grill Dancer
Christopher Toler - Footloose Christopher Toler
as Drive-In Grill Dancer
Nanci Anderson - Footloose Nanci Anderson
as Cowboys' Dancer
Kendra Andrews - Footloose Kendra Andrews
as Cowboys' Dancer
Jeffery Scott Bailey - Footloose Jeffery Scott Bailey
as Cowboys' Dancer
Liana Blackburn - Footloose Liana Blackburn
as Cowboys' Dancer
Brent L. Boxberger - Footloose Brent L. Boxberger
as Cowboys' Dancer
Taylor Bradley - Footloose Taylor Bradley
as Cowboys' Dancer
Kelley Bradshaw - Footloose Kelley Bradshaw
as Cowboys' Dancer
Claire Callaway - Footloose Claire Callaway
as Cowboys' Dancer
Robert Chabott - Footloose Robert Chabott
as Cowboys' Dancer
C. Ryan Chandler - Footloose C. Ryan Chandler
as Cowboys' Dancer
Amanda Davisson - Footloose Amanda Davisson
as Cowboys' Dancer
Troy Dela Rosa - Footloose Troy Dela Rosa
as Cowboys' Dancer
Hannah Douglass - Footloose Hannah Douglass
as Cowboys' Dancer
Danella Dutton - Footloose Danella Dutton
as Cowboys' Dancer
Aisha Francis - Footloose Aisha Francis
as Cowboys' Dancer
Jonathan Fritschi - Footloose Jonathan Fritschi
as Cowboys' Dancer
Larke Hasstedt - Footloose Larke Hasstedt
as Cowboys' Dancer
Joey Hernandez - Footloose Joey Hernandez
as Cowboys' Dancer
Katherine Hough - Footloose Katherine Hough
as Cowboys' Dancer
Jeremy Hudson - Footloose Jeremy Hudson
as Cowboys' Dancer
Dacia James - Footloose Dacia James
as Cowboys' Dancer
George Jones, Jr. - Footloose George Jones, Jr.
as Cowboys' Dancer
William Ladd - Footloose William Ladd
as Cowboys' Dancer
Meryl Lester - Footloose Meryl Lester
as Cowboys' Dancer
Katherine Levy - Footloose Katherine Levy
as Cowboys' Dancer
Megan Mackey - Footloose Megan Mackey
as Cowboys' Dancer
Michelle Maniscalco - Footloose Michelle Maniscalco
as Cowboys' Dancer
Brian Mason - Footloose Brian Mason
as Cowboys' Dancer
Michael McDonough - Footloose Michael McDonough
as Cowboys' Dancer
Dennis McKinnie - Footloose Dennis McKinnie
as Cowboys' Dancer
Keltie Colleen Minksky - Footloose Keltie Colleen Minksky
as Cowboys' Dancer
Marriann Nelson - Footloose Marriann Nelson
as Cowboys' Dancer
Brent Ours - Footloose Brent Ours
as Cowboys' Dancer
Jamie Overla - Footloose Jamie Overla
as Cowboys' Dancer
Marabeth Poole - Footloose Marabeth Poole
as Cowboys' Dancer
Harrison Jonathan Prater - Footloose Harrison Jonathan Prater
as Cowboys' Dancer
Melissa Rummels - Footloose Melissa Rummels
as Cowboys' Dancer
Monique Slaughter - Footloose Monique Slaughter
as Cowboys' Dancer
Lisa Marie Thomas - Footloose Lisa Marie Thomas
as Cowboys' Dancer
Gissette E. Valentin - Footloose Gissette E. Valentin
as Cowboys' Dancer
Tyler Duncan Wall - Footloose Tyler Duncan Wall
as Cowboys' Dancer
Quincy Lamar Willis - Footloose Quincy Lamar Willis
as Cowboys' Dancer
Sharee Wise - Footloose Sharee Wise
as Cowboys' Dancer
Joshua Allen - Footloose Joshua Allen
as Finale Dancer
Tucker Barkley - Footloose Tucker Barkley
as Finale Dancer
Bianca Brewton - Footloose Bianca Brewton
as Finale Dancer
Whitney Brown - Footloose Whitney Brown
as Finale Dancer
Bboy Kid David - Footloose Bboy Kid David
as Finale Dancer
Justin Michael De Vera - Footloose Justin Michael De Vera
as Finale Dancer
Michael Brandon Dizon - Footloose Michael Brandon Dizon
as Finale Dancer
Laura Edwards - Footloose Laura Edwards
as Finale Dancer
Christina Glur - Footloose Christina Glur
as Finale Dancer
Cory Graves - Footloose Cory Graves
as Finale Dancer
Misha Hamilton - Footloose Misha Hamilton
as Finale Dancer
Dayna Michelle Harris - Footloose Dayna Michelle Harris
as Finale Dancer
Ivan Koumaev - Footloose Ivan Koumaev
as Finale Dancer
Nicholas Lanzisera - Footloose Nicholas Lanzisera
as Finale Dancer
Matthew Laraway - Footloose Matthew Laraway
as Finale Dancer
Spencer Liff - Footloose Spencer Liff
as Finale Dancer
Ahrielle Mace - Footloose Ahrielle Mace
as Finale Dancer
Candace Neolani Maxwell - Footloose Candace Neolani Maxwell
as Finale Dancer
Glenda Morales - Footloose Glenda Morales
as Finale Dancer
Abbye Myers - Footloose Abbye Myers
as Finale Dancer
Christian Owens - Footloose Christian Owens
as Finale Dancer
Kayla Jenee Radomski - Footloose Kayla Jenee Radomski
as Finale Dancer
Luis Rosado - Footloose Luis Rosado
as Finale Dancer
Carson Marie Seeley - Footloose Carson Marie Seeley
as Finale Dancer
Dakota Scott Smith - Footloose Dakota Scott Smith
as Finale Dancer
Brittny Sugarman - Footloose Brittny Sugarman
as Finale Dancer
Melanie Ullmann - Footloose Melanie Ullmann
as Finale Dancer
Miguel Angel Zarate - Footloose Miguel Angel Zarate
as Finale Dancer


Directing Craig Brewer Director
Writing Craig Brewer Screenplay
Editing Billy Fox Editor
Crew Lonnie R. Smith Jr. Stunt Coordinator
Production Dale Williams Unit Production Manager
Production Timothy M. Bourne Unit Production Manager
Directing Marty Eli Schwartz First Assistant Director
Directing Joe Camp III First Assistant Director
Directing Rosemary C. Cremona Second Assistant Director
Camera Jeffrey Greeley Camera Operator
Camera Chris Jones Camera Operator
Camera Chris Jones Steadicam Operator
Sound Drew Ponder Boom Operator
Lighting Christopher Prampin Chief Lighting Technician
Art Dwight Benjamin-Creel Property Master
Crew David Fletcher Special Effects Coordinator
Production Ryan Schaetzle Location Manager
Art Sedrick Lakpa Set Dresser
Art Sean MaComber Set Dresser
Art Lawrence Heap Set Dresser
Art Julie Alissa Kobsa Set Dresser
Costume & Make-Up Ken Van Duyne Assistant Costume Designer
Costume & Make-Up Kate Duke Key Costumer
Costume & Make-Up Sarah Downer Set Costumer
Costume & Make-Up Karen L. Young Set Costumer
Costume & Make-Up Cindy A. Ganoe Seamstress
Costume & Make-Up Vivian Baker Makeup Department Head
Costume & Make-Up Sarah Mays Key Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Teresa Foshee Makeup Artist
Costume & Make-Up Emanuel Millar Hair Department Head
Costume & Make-Up Shunika Terry Key Hair Stylist
Crew Susan E. Novick Post Production Supervisor
Editing Scott Richter Additional Editing
Editing Harry Yoon Assistant Editor
Crew Meyghan Hill Post Production Assistant
Production Julie Schubert Casting Associate
Production Sabyn Mayfield Casting Assistant
Production Heath M. Howard Production Coordinator
Art Cameron Beasley Assistant Art Director
Art Kelly Richardson Art Department Coordinator
Production Terri Greening Production Accountant
Crew Heidi Falconer Unit Publicist
Sound Bobbi Banks ADR Supervisor
Sound Gayle Wesley Assistant Sound Editor
Editing Simon Coke Dialogue Editor
Production Barbara Harris ADR Voice Casting
Art Justin O'Neal Miller Set Designer
Writing Dean Pitchford Story
Writing Dean Pitchford Screenplay
Production Jonathan Glickman Executive Producer
Production Timothy M. Bourne Executive Producer
Production Roger Birnbaum Executive Producer
Production Gary Barber Executive Producer
Production Craig Zadan Producer
Production Neil Meron Producer
Production Dylan Sellers Producer
Production Brad Weston Producer
Sound Deborah Lurie Original Music Composer
Camera Amy Vincent Director of Photography
Art Jon Gary Steele Production Design
Costume & Make-Up Laura Jean Shannon Costume Design
Crew Jamal Sims Choreographer
Production Laray Mayfield Casting
Art Dena Roth Set Decoration
Art Chris Cornwell Art Direction
Directing Luca Kouimelis Script Supervisor
Sound Mary H. Ellis Sound mixer
Sound Frank Smathers Supervising Sound Editor
Sound Greg Hedgepath Supervising Sound Editor
Sound Mike Prestwood Smith Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Sound Daniel J. Leahy Sound Re-Recording Mixer
Editing David A. Whittaker Dialogue Editor
Sound Kevin McKeever Music Editor
Costume & Make-Up Joulles Wright Costume Supervisor
Camera K.C. Bailey Still Photographer
Editing Mato Color Timer