Ellen Page



Lieu de naissance:

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada:


Ellen Page est une actrice canadienne, née le 21 février 1987 à Halifax (Nouvelle-Écosse). Ayant commencé sa carrière très jeune, elle est révélée grâce au film Hard Candy, en 2005, mais ce n'est que deux ans plus tard, avec Juno, qu'elle obtient la consécration internationale. Sa prestation lui vaut d'être nommée aux Oscars dans la catégorie meilleure actrice. Bien qu'ayant tourné dans des blockbusters (X-Men : L'Affrontement final, Inception), elle joue régulièrement dans des films indépendants à petits budgets comme An American Crime, The Tracey Fragments, Smart People, ou Bliss.


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The Cured (2018)
as Abbie
You Don't Live Here Anymore (2017)
as Dancer
Flatliners (2017)
as Courtney
My Days of Mercy (2017)
as Lucy
Window Horses: The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming (2016)
as Kelly
Into the Forest (2016)
as Nell
Tallulah (2016)
as Tallulah
Freeheld (2015)
as Stacie Andree
X-Men: Unguarded (2015)
as Herself
Mutant vs. Machine: The Making of X-Men: Days of Future Past (2015)
as Herself
Women Who Act (2015)
as Herself
Tiny Detectives (2014)
as Detective Ellen
X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)
as Katherine "Kitty" Pryde / Shadowcat
The East (2013)
as Izzy
Touchy Feely (2013)
as Jenny
To Rome with Love (2012)
as Shannon
2012: Time for Change (2010)
as Herself
Super (2010)
as Libby
Inception (2010)
as Ariadne
Peacock (2010)
as Maggie
Vanishing of the Bees (2009)
as Narrator
Whip It (2009)
as Bliss Cavendar
Smart People (2008)
as Vanessa Wetherhold
Juno (2007)
as Juno MacGuff
The Stone Angel (2007)
as Arlene
An American Crime (2007)
as Sylvia Likens
The Tracey Fragments (2007)
as Tracey Berkowitz
X-Men: Evolution of a Trilogy (2006)
as Herself
X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)
as Kitty Pryde
Mouth to Mouth (2005)
as Sherry
Hard Candy (2005)
as Hayley Stark
Wilby Wonderful (2004)
as Emily Anderson
I Downloaded a Ghost (2004)
as Stella Blackstone
Love that Boy (2003)
as Suzanna
Going for Broke (2003)
as Jennifer Bancroft
Marion Bridge (2003)
as Joanie
Homeless to Harvard: The Liz Murray Story (2003)
as Young Lisa
Touch & Go (2003)
as Trish
Mrs. Ashboro's Cat (2003)
as Natalie Merritt
The Wet Season (2002)
as Jocelyn
Pit Pony (1997)
as Maggie MacLean
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as Leslie Martz
The Cured (2018)
My Days of Mercy (2017)
Into the Forest (2016)