Tamer Hassan



Lieu de naissance:

London, England, UK:


Bitter Harvest (2017)
as Sergei
The Promise (2016)
as Faruk Pasha
Breakdown (2016)
as Iraz Kartal
Robot Overlords (2015)
as Wayne
The Hooligan Factory (2014)
Sons of Liberty (2013)
as AJ Bashir
Magic Boys (2012)
as Splendid Ben
Hooligan (2012)
The Reverend (2012)
as Harold Hicks
The Double (2011)
as Bozlovski
The Hike (2011)
as Dean
Freerunner (2011)
as Reese
Jack Falls (2011)
as The Boss
Bonded by Blood (2010)
as Pat Tate
The Last Seven (2010)
as Jack Mason
City Rats (2009)
as Jim
Dead Man Running (2009)
as Nick
Goal! III: Taking On The World (2009)
as Ronnie
Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)
as Chavez
Beyond the Rave (2008)
as Rich Crocker
West 10 LDN (2008)
as Gout
Cass (2008)
as Ray
Eastern Promises (2007)
as Chechen
The Ferryman (2007)
as Big Dave
Sex Actually (2005)
The Business (2005)
as Charlie
7 Seconds (2005)
as Rahood
Batman Begins (2005)
as Faden's Limo Driver
Unleashed (2005)
as Georgie
Hannibal v Rome (2005)
as Hannibal
Layer Cake (2004)
as Terry
Spivs (2004)
as Villa
The Football Factory (2004)
as Fred
The Calcium Kid (2004)
as Pete Wright
Bitter Harvest (2017)