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უყურე Kung Fu Panda

უყურე Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda (2008)


დირექტორები: Mark Osborne, John Stevenson.
მწერლები: Glenn Berger, Jonathan Aibel.


ნაკადი Kung Fu Panda ფილმები ონლაინ უფასო უყურე

ფილმები Kung Fu Panda უყუროთ ონლაინ, უყურე Kung Fu Panda უფასო ფილმები, ფილმები Kung Fu Panda უყუროთ უფასო, Kung Fu Panda უყუროთ ფილმებს ონლაინ

ფილმები ონლაინ უყურე და უფასო ჩამოტვირთვა

ფილმები Kung Fu Panda უყუროთ უფასოდ, უყურე Kung Fu Panda ნაკადი ამჟამად, ფილმები Kung Fu Panda, ფილმები Kung Fu Panda უყუროთ ონლაინ, გიყურებთ Kung Fu Panda ფილმები

Kung Fu Panda Review

Facondo Pugliesi Italy

This movie is so good!

Edvard Mikaelsen Greenland

Its a great movie. I'll watch it every time I see its on.

Petronilla Conti Italy

I don't know if this is some memory problem I have or if the movies are really that good.

ახლა გადის

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Jack Black - Kung Fu Panda Jack Black
as Po (voice)
Dustin Hoffman - Kung Fu Panda Dustin Hoffman
as Shifu (voice)
Angelina Jolie - Kung Fu Panda Angelina Jolie
as Master Tigress (voice)
Jackie Chan - Kung Fu Panda Jackie Chan
as Master Monkey (voice)
Lucy Liu - Kung Fu Panda Lucy Liu
as Master Viper (voice)
David Cross - Kung Fu Panda David Cross
as Crane (voice)
Randall Duk Kim - Kung Fu Panda Randall Duk Kim
as Oogway (voice)
James Hong - Kung Fu Panda James Hong
as Mr. Ping (voice)
Dan Fogler - Kung Fu Panda Dan Fogler
as Zeng (voice)
Ian McShane - Kung Fu Panda Ian McShane
as Tai Lung (voice)
Seth Rogen - Kung Fu Panda Seth Rogen
as Mantis (voice)
Michael Clarke Duncan - Kung Fu Panda Michael Clarke Duncan
as Commander Vachir (voice)
Wayne Knight - Kung Fu Panda Wayne Knight
as Gang Boss (voice)
Kyle Gass - Kung Fu Panda Kyle Gass
as KG Shaw (voice)
JR Reed - Kung Fu Panda JR Reed
as JR Shaw (voice)
Laura Kightlinger - Kung Fu Panda Laura Kightlinger
as Awed Ninja (voice)
Tanya Haden - Kung Fu Panda Tanya Haden
as Smitten Bunny (voice)
Stephen Kearin - Kung Fu Panda Stephen Kearin
as Gong Pig / Grateful Bunny (voice)
Mark Osborne - Kung Fu Panda Mark Osborne
as Pig Patron (voice)
John Stevenson - Kung Fu Panda John Stevenson
as Rhino Guard (voice)
Jeremy Shipp - Kung Fu Panda Jeremy Shipp
as Blind Gator (voice)
Melissa Cobb - Kung Fu Panda Melissa Cobb
as Bunny Mom (voice)
Kent Osborne - Kung Fu Panda Kent Osborne
as Pig Fan (voice)
Emily Burns - Kung Fu Panda Emily Burns
as Bunny Fan 1 (voice)
Stephanie Harvey - Kung Fu Panda Stephanie Harvey
as Bunny Fan 2 (voice)
Riley Osborne - Kung Fu Panda Riley Osborne
as Baby Tai Lung (voice)


Directing Mark Osborne Director
Directing John Stevenson Director
Writing Glenn Berger Screenplay
Writing Jonathan Aibel Screenplay
Sound Hans Zimmer Original Music Composer
Sound John Powell Original Music Composer
Camera Yong Duk Jhun Director of Photography
Editing C.K. Horness Editor
Visual Effects James Baxter Animation Director
Art Pat Sito Art Department Manager
Visual Effects Simon Otto Animation
Visual Effects Claire Williams Color Designer
Production Wayne Hellinger Post Production Coordinator