Helene Costello



დაბადების ადგილი:

New York, New York, U.S.A.:


The Black Swan (1942)
as Woman
Riffraff (1936)
as Maizie
Honeymoon Limited (1935)
as Mrs. Randall
Show of Shows (1929)
as Performer in 'Meet My Sister' Number
Innocents of Paris (1929)
as Bit Role
The Circus Kid (1928)
as Trixie
The Midnight Taxi (1928)
as Nan Parker
Lights of New York (1928)
as Kitty Lewis
In Old Kentucky (1927)
as Nancy Holden
Good Time Charley (1927)
as Rosita Keene - Daughter
While London Sleeps (1926)
as Dale Burke
The Honeymoon Express (1926)
as Margaret Lambert
Fortune's Turn (1913)
as The Child
The One Good Turn (1913)
Cleopatra (1912)
as Nicola - a Child
The Days of Terror; or, In the Reign of Terror (1912)
Lulu's Doctor (1912)
The Meeting of the Ways (1912)
as One of Tom's Children
Her Crowning Glory (1911)
as Helen, the Child
A Midsummer Night's Dream (1909)
as Fairy