Kijk Weiße Ritter

Kijk Weiße Ritter

Weiße Ritter (2016)


Regiseurs: Markus Mischkowski, Kai-Maria Steinkühler.
Schrijvers: Markus Mischkowski, Kai-Maria Steinkühler.


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Weiße Ritter Review

Elena R. Hess United States

I've seen it more than 30 times, its the definition of perfection.

Torsten Schmitt Germany

I love this movie and I am just now watching them again.

Madelen Dale Norway

There's just too many good movies in there to be able to re watch them all.

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Markus Mischkowski - Weiße Ritter Markus Mischkowski
as Mike
Kai-Maria Steinkühler - Weiße Ritter Kai-Maria Steinkühler
as Alfred
Steffi Gosejohann - Weiße Ritter Steffi Gosejohann
as Tramperin Anja
Jens Claßen - Weiße Ritter Jens Claßen
as Rasto


Directing Markus Mischkowski Director
Writing Markus Mischkowski Screenplay
Directing Kai-Maria Steinkühler Director
Writing Kai-Maria Steinkühler Screenplay
Production Markus Mischkowski Producer
Crew KaPe Schmidt Cinematography