Смотреть Jack & Jill

Смотреть Jack & Jill

Jack & Jill (1987)


Директор: Leroy Salvador
Писатели: Ipe Pelino, Tommy C. David.


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Jack & Jill Review

Madelen Dale Norway

There's just too many good movies in there to be able to re watch them all.

Affiano Arcuri Spain

The first time I watched it, I thought it was just kinda weird only because I didn't expect any of it. But after rewatching it, the movie was awesome!

Emmi Axelsson Sweden

I would only recommend seeing this movie if a person has nothing else to do that day.

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в ролях

Sharon Cuneta - Jack & Jill Sharon Cuneta
as Jackielou
Herbert Bautista - Jack & Jill Herbert Bautista
as Jill/Julian Gilario
Edu Manzano - Jack & Jill Edu Manzano
as Angelo Bartolome
Panchito - Jack & Jill Panchito
as Mang Ambo
Sylvia La Torre - Jack & Jill Sylvia La Torre
as Doña Estrella Bartolome
Jaime Fabregas - Jack & Jill Jaime Fabregas
as Don Juanito Bartolome
Michael De Mesa - Jack & Jill Michael De Mesa
as Junior
Rez Cortez - Jack & Jill Rez Cortez
as Baldo
Paquito Diaz - Jack & Jill Paquito Diaz
as Tusok
Ali Sotto - Jack & Jill Ali Sotto
as Delia
Cherie Gil - Jack & Jill Cherie Gil
as Susan
Jaclyn Jose - Jack & Jill Jaclyn Jose
as Aida
Jobelle Salvador - Jack & Jill Jobelle Salvador
as Leny
Pinky Amador - Jack & Jill Pinky Amador
as Julie
Deborah Sun - Jack & Jill Deborah Sun
as Flora
Fred Panopio - Jack & Jill Fred Panopio
as Suitor 1
Larry Silva - Jack & Jill Larry Silva
as Drunkman
Evelyn Vargas - Jack & Jill Evelyn Vargas
as Maid 1
Mia Pratts - Jack & Jill Mia Pratts
as Bridesmaid
Amy Perez - Jack & Jill Amy Perez
as Bridesmaid
Babette Villaruel - Jack & Jill Babette Villaruel
as Manny
Nena Perez Rubio - Jack & Jill Nena Perez Rubio
as Aling Guring
Wendy Villarica - Jack & Jill Wendy Villarica
as Dolly
Boyet Mercado - Jack & Jill Boyet Mercado
as Suitor 2
Jopet De Guzman - Jack & Jill Jopet De Guzman
as Suitor 3
Boy Gomez - Jack & Jill Boy Gomez
as Suitor 4
Rogelio Cuime - Jack & Jill Rogelio Cuime
as Suitor 5
Tony Tacorda - Jack & Jill Tony Tacorda
as Pedro
Ernie David - Jack & Jill Ernie David
as Driver 1
Jimmy Reyes - Jack & Jill Jimmy Reyes
as Driver 2
Eddie Villa - Jack & Jill Eddie Villa
as Driver 3
Normand Daza - Jack & Jill Normand Daza
as Carnapper 1 - Baguio
Ben Rivera - Jack & Jill Ben Rivera
as Carnapper 2 - Baguio
Manny Tibayan - Jack & Jill Manny Tibayan
as Police Investigator
Dez Cruz - Jack & Jill Dez Cruz
as Gasoline Boy - Baguio
Nilo Suarez - Jack & Jill Nilo Suarez
as Police Investigator
Thess Sanggalang - Jack & Jill Thess Sanggalang
as Massage Attendant
Ross Oracion - Jack & Jill Ross Oracion
as Club Manager
Evelyn de Leon - Jack & Jill Evelyn de Leon
as Belly Dancer
Alfred Barretto - Jack & Jill Alfred Barretto
as Docter
Ma. Rowena Trinidad - Jack & Jill Ma. Rowena Trinidad
as Docter's Wife
Bona Punzalan - Jack & Jill Bona Punzalan
as Secretary
Becca Mercado - Jack & Jill Becca Mercado
as Maid 3
Antonio B. Unson - Jack & Jill Antonio B. Unson
as Priest


Directing Leroy Salvador Director
Writing Mars Ravelo Story
Writing Ipe Pelino Screenplay
Writing Tommy C. David Screenplay