Burt Young

День рождения:


Место рождения:

New York City, New York, USA:


The Brawler (2019)
as Salvatore
The Neighborhood (2017)
as Jingles
King Rat (2017)
as Art Stillman
Tapestry (2017)
as Ian
Irene & Marie (2015)
as John
Tom in America (2014)
as Michael
Rob the Mob (2014)
as Joey D
Ci vediamo domani (2013)
as Palagonia
The Elevator: Three Minutes Can Change Your Life (2013)
as George
Abigail Harm (2012)
as Mr. Warren
The Rocky Saga: Going the Distance (2011)
as as himself
Win Win (2011)
as Leo Poplar
Oliviero Rising (2009)
as Santino
New York, I Love You (2008)
as Landlord (segment "Fatih Akin")
Carnera: The Walking Mountain (2008)
as Lou Soresi
Il nascondiglio (2007)
as Mueller
Hack! (2007)
as J.T. Bates
Go Go Tales (2007)
as Murray
Rocky Balboa (2006)
as Paulie
Transamerica (2005)
as Murray
Sylvester Stallone Bio. (2005)
as as himself
Downtown: A Street Tale (2004)
as Gus
Land of Plenty (2004)
as Sherman
Kiss The Bride (2002)
as Santo Sposato
The Adventures of Pluto Nash (2002)
as Gino
Checkout (2002)
as Uncle Louie
The Day the Ponies Come Back (2001)
as John Stoller
The Boys of Sunset Ridge (2001)
as Hank Bartlowski
Plan B (2001)
as Sal Palermo
Very Mean Men (2000)
as Dominic Piazza
L'uomo della fortuna (2000)
Blue Moon (2000)
as Bobby
Table One (2000)
as Frankie Chips
Terra bruciata (1999)
as Joe
Mickey Blue Eyes (1999)
as Vito Graziosi
Loser Love (1999)
as Sydney
Red-Blooded American Girl II (1998)
as Roy
The Deli (1997)
as JC
Before Women Had Wings (1997)
as Louis Ippolito
Kicked in the Head (1997)
as Jack
She's So Lovely (1997)
as Lorenzo
Heaven Before I Die (1997)
as Pollof
The Good Life (1997)
as Jimmy
Firehouse (1997)
as Chief Frank Shea
The Undertaker's Wedding (1997)
as Alberto
North Star (1996)
as Reno
Vendetta II: The New Mafia (1993)
as Vincent Domenici
Double Deception (1993)
as Zimmer
Excessive Force (1993)
as Sal DiMarco
Alibi perfetto (1992)
as Mancini
Cattive ragazze (1992)
Due vite, un destino (1992)
Americano rosso (1991)
as George Maniago
Bright Angel (1990)
as Art
Rocky V (1990)
as Paulie
Backstreet Dreams (1990)
as Luca
Diving In (1990)
as Coach Mack
Club Fed (1990)
as Warden Boyle
Betsy's Wedding (1990)
as Georgie
Wait until spring Bandini (1989)
Last Exit to Brooklyn (1989)
as Big Joe
Beverly Hills Brats (1989)
as Clive
Blood Red (1989)
as Andrews
Going Overboard (1989)
as General Noriega
Back to School (1986)
as Lou
Rocky IV (1985)
as Paulie
A Summer to Remember (1985)
as Fidel Fargo
The Pope of Greenwich Village (1984)
as Bed Bug Eddie
Once Upon a Time in America (1984)
as Joe
Over the Brooklyn Bridge (1984)
as Phil
Lookin' to Get Out (1982)
as Jerry Feldman
Amityville II: The Possession (1982)
as Anthony Montelli
Rocky III (1982)
as Paulie
...All the Marbles (1981)
as Eddie Cisco
Blood Beach (1980)
as Sergeant Royko
Murder Can Hurt You! (1980)
as Lt. Palumbo
Rocky II (1979)
as Paulie
Convoy (1978)
as Bobby 'Love Machine' 'Pig Pen'
Uncle Joe Shannon (1978)
as Joe Shannon
The Choirboys (1977)
as Scuzzi
Twilight's Last Gleaming (1977)
as Augie Garvas
Rocky (1976)
as Paulie
The Killer Elite (1975)
as Mac
Murph the Surf (1975)
as Sgt. Bernasconi
Hustling (1975)
as Gustavino
The Gambler (1974)
as Carmine
The Great Niagara (1974)
as Ace Tully
Chinatown (1974)
as Curly
Cinderella Liberty (1973)
as Master at Arms
The Connection (1973)
as Ernie
Across 110th Street (1972)
as Lapides
Carnival of Blood (1972)
as Gimpy
The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight (1971)
as Willie Quarequlo
Born to Win (1971)
as First Hood
Road to the Lemon Grove ()
as Zio Vincenzo
Crooked Lines ()
as Mike Ameche
Uncle Joe Shannon (1978)